Air Conditioning Repair Services

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio is proud to service residential homes throughout San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding areas. We have been licensed and insured since 2008 to extend our fast, friendly, and professional repair services on all major appliances. Our technicians are experienced and skilled to perform a number of repair services for your home. Among the many appliances we are certified to repair are air conditioning units. Utilizing top-grade products, tools, and equipment exclusive to licensed professionals, our valued customers get premium results consistently.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Your air conditioning unit in your Greater San Antonio, TX home is an essential appliance to survive the scorching temperatures Texans can face in the summer. If the air conditioning unit is inflicted with problems, the discomfort can be unbearable. Wanting your unit repaired quickly and efficiently is Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio’s specialty. Common problems your air conditioning unit may be facing are listed below.
Faulty Wiring: Poor wiring happens more frequently than one might suppose. Bad wiring prevents the unit from getting enough power for functioning and will continually trip the circuit breaker. Getting your faulty wiring repaired is essential before additional problems occur or an electrical fire ignites.
Low refrigerant: Refrigerant is the chemical needed in air conditioning units that cools the air. If there is low refrigerant either there wasn’t adequate charge at time of installation or there is a leak. If a leak is present, we run a diagnostic to find the source and seal it up, followed by giving your specific unit the required amount of refrigerant.
Exterior fan is inoperable: The air conditioning unit’s fan primary function is to convey heat from the inside of your San Antonio home and dispense it into the outside air. Without the fan functioning at peak performance, the heat transfer cannot properly be conducted. The air conditioning unit’s compressor will eventually overheat, causing additional damages over time until the safety overload is switched. In many cases, the compressor will be inflicted with internal damage and will need to be replaced.
Air conditioning unit does not power on: There could be a number of issues when the air conditioning unit never trips on. The usual suspects are typically a malfunctioning thermostat, contactor issues, or the circuit breaker was tripped.
Frozen coils: A problem with the airflow often causes the coils to freeze, usually because of restrictions. Restrictions can be coils have a buildup of dust and debris, the air filters are beyond replacing and have layers upon layers of filth, or there could be an obstruction or additional problems in the air duct system. Every now and again, frozen coils could be a sign of low refrigerant as well.

Air Conditioning Repair Appliance Services in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS

With all the problems that can happen to your home’s air conditioning unit throughout the San Antonio, Texas area, it is good to know there is an affordable resource that can quickly and efficiently get your air conditioning unit back to maximum performance. Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio professionals have been expertly trained and have accumulated years of experience to get your air conditioning unit repaired. Call us today to get started!

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