Deep Freezer Chest, Upright & Bottom Appliance Repair Services

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Emergency Freezer Repair

At Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio, Texas, we include freezer repair on our menu. Freezers can easily experience their fair share of problems. But no matter what problem you are facing, Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio, Texas can repair it.

Troubleshooting Common Deep Chest, Upright & Bottom Freezer Problems

Common problems that could be affecting your freezer in San Antonio, Texas are as follows:
1. Freezer not working at all. Believe it or not, sometimes the reason freezers are not working at all is because it is not getting the power it needs due to a faulty outlet or not plugged in tightly. If the outlet is fine and it is plugged in, check to see if the light pops on. If so the fan could be inoperable. No matter the issue, Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio can get your freezer repaired quickly and efficiently.
2. Freezer is insufficient at freezing. If the thermostat is properly functioning and the defrost timer is not out of control, there could be a problem with the wiring. The compressor motor may be emitting noises that sound like humming or rhythmic. The various components in the compressor motor may be at fault. The condenser or evaporator coils could also be malfunctioning, preventing your freezer from freezing accordingly.
3. Excessive frost buildup. The self defrost system is often at fault, specifically, the damaged door gasket. There could be additional problems that are quite frequently contributed to the frost buildup.
4. Freezer burn on food. When your meat endures freezer burn, it is being dehydrated from the freezer unit extracting the moisture out of the food. This isn’t a freezer problem, but more human error. Make sure your food stored in the freezer is in freezer bags or containers and is properly sealed.
5. Freezer continually runs. The thermostat could be set at abnormally high temperatures, causing your freezer to compensate and work over time. Check the thermostat first, and if needed make the appropriate adjustments. A gasket leak could also be an attributing factor, along with the condenser coils or light is not switching off and needs a repair.

Deep Freezer Chest, Upright & Bottom Appliance Repair Services in San Antonio, Texas

No matter what is disrupting the performance of your freezer, Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio, Texas can make the repairs with ease. No problem is too big or too small, call us today to get started!

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