Heating & Furnace Troubleshooting & Repair Services

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio is completely licensed and insured to supply the locals with a professional quality experience. We are set to repair your appliance and most brands. Our fully equipped vehicles are stocked and ready if a part is needed to get your appliance in full repair. We utilize high-end quality products, equipment, and tools available only to licensed professionals to ensure premium results. Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio professionals have advanced training, years of valuable work experience, and extraordinary skills and practice family-friendly customer service, uphold high moral standards and work ethics all the while conducting superior workmanship on all services rendered.

Heating Furnace Repair Services

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio, Texas has furnace repair services included on our menu board to the local residents. Furnaces are a necessity, and when they fail, living without them isn’t exactly ideal. But thanks to Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio specialists, furnace repairs are easily performed to get your home running smoothly again.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio professional furnace repair service is required when your furnace has experienced the following red flags.
1. Furnace omits abnormal sounds. Furnaces will make quieted noises during use, but if you hear groaning, banging, whining, or other loud noises there are definitely a few reasons that involve professional repair.
2. Insufficient warmth. A natural response to filling chilly in your home is to bump the thermostat up. But if you cannot seem to reach a satisfactory temperature, the furnace’s pilot light might be the issue, along with either the thermostat or leaky ducts.
3. Unusually high energy bills. If you notice that your utility bill is higher than normal, the furnace is running insufficiently, caused by a number of problems, most usually requiring the expertise of Southwest Appliance Repair.
4. Pilot light coloration. The pilot light should be burning blue, if you notice it is burning yellow, it is generally an indication of carbon monoxide and needs to be repaired immediately.
5. Uncooperative furnace. If your furnace isn’t starting up or refusing stay on, you need professional repairs. Faulty wiring, pilot light, or fan motors are the usual suspects.
6. Chronic health problems. Furnaces that suggest poor operating can create dust, mold, and dangerous gasses and filter them throughout your air ducts. Family members that seem to exhibit frequent allergy and asthma attacks or flu-like symptoms might be inflicted by the furnace’s faulty performance.
7. Furnace Age. A well maintained furnace can be expected to run fluidly for anywhere from 10-20 years. But the older they get, the more problems start to develop. If your furnace is older than a decade, be sure to be more observant on its performance, as problems could start to develop just through normal wear and tear.

Heating & Furnace Troubleshooting & Repair Services in San Antonio, Texas

No matter why your furnace is not running up to par, no matter how minor or how major the problems are, Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio, Texas can make the necessary repairs to get your furnace running at maximum efficiency. Call us today to get started on your furnace repairs.

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