Dishwasher Repair Service

One of the major appliances you are sure to miss if it goes out is the dishwasher. Most people use their dishwasher several times a day to clean the dishes from the prior meal. If you start to have trouble with your dishwasher in your home you want to call an expert repair company like Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio. We offer our services to have your dishwasher running and working properly to ensure that your dishes are clean and ready for the next meal. Our expert technicians have been trained on inspecting your dishwasher for any areas that need to be repaired and making the necessary repairs with our knowledgeable expertise.

There are many reasons that a dishwasher may require repair including.

Your Dishwasher Door Won’t Latch Shut: The door is opened and closed each time you want to load, unload or even just grab a quick dish out. That means that it is prone to problems and being overused, it can cause it to stop working and not latching. The latch needs to engage for the dishwasher to recognize that it is ready to run. If this does not happen the load will not get clean.
Water Is Leaking From the Dishwasher: The dishwasher uses water each time it is ran to clean the dishes. If there is water that is leaking from the dishwasher that not only can mean damage to the dishwasher but it can lead to water damage to your home. There are several reasons that a dishwasher can possibly start leaking and most of those need to be checked and repaired by one of our experts at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio. You want to ensure that the leaking is repaired and under control so that you are not prone to more water damage.
The Dishwasher Drain Will Not Work: If you have run the dishwasher and opened it up only to find water that is built up and not drained out you may have a problem. The biggest problem is that the water that is built up can cause the dishes that are in the dishwasher to become contaminated. There can be a problem with the drain being clogged or a problem with the valve that tells the dishwasher to empty the water.
Dishwasher Will Not Start: If the dishwasher will not start, the dishes will not get clean at all. The dishwasher receives an electrical signal that tells it what level to run at and how long. There are some fuses and electrical wiring that can be the cause of the dishwasher to not start up. It can also be due to a door that will not latch or the motor that will not start up.

If you want to have your dishwasher repaired you can trust in Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio to come out and make the repairs for you!

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