Appliance Moving & Storage Tips; How to Move a Fridge, Diswasher, Washine Machine, Dryer or Other Appliance in San Antonio, TX

Moving is difficult and stressful. The last thing you want is to have your belongings damaged. This especially rings true for your appliances, since they most likely are some of the more expensive things that you will be moving. You want to make sure you are moving them right and they get there safe and sound. Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to share some tips to get your appliances ready for moving or storage.

How Long to Turn Off Fridge Before Moving

The first thing you want to do when getting ready to move your refrigerator is defrost it. This should be done three days before you move it. You want all the ice and water out of your refrigerator and give it the chance to dry before you try to move or store it. You should then give your refrigerator a thorough cleaning. You will want to remove all the trays and drawers from the refrigerator and give the entire interior a deep cleaning. You should never lay a refrigerator on its side or back during transportation. It should be kept upright with the door secured while getting it from A to B. If you are placing it in storage, leave the doors propped open slightly to allow proper ventilation.

How to Drain a Dishwasher Before Moving

Before cleaning your dishwasher, unplug it. You should give the dishwasher a good cleaning and then let it sit and dry for at least 24 hours before you move. At this time, you can disconnect the hoses and clean them in preparation for the move. Once they are cleaned and dried, you need to wrap them in cloths or packing paper to prepare them for transport. You shouldn’t store this appliance with the door securely closed either. Leave them open a crack for ventilation.

Moving a Washer & Dryer for Storage or New Premises

Before moving or storing your washer, you should run a regular cycle with hot water and the addition of either bleach or vinegar to ensure it is clean. This should be done with no laundry in the tub. To clean the dryer, wipe out the drum with a mixture of general cleaner and water. For both the washer and dryer you want to use rags or soft cloths to pack around the tub and drum, making sure they are completely immobilized and won’t move during the move. It is important before removing the washer, that the water valves are all shut off and the hoses are disconnected. If you have a gas dryer, make sure the gas is turned off and the line is disconnected before moving it.


If any of your appliances have sustained damage during a recent move or period of storage, don’t hesitate to call Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio to get them back up and running for you. Call us today!

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