Are Dryer Sheets & Fabric Softener the Same Thing? And Do they Cause Build Up in Your Dryer Appliance in San Antonio, TX?

Everyone has a routine that they use to do their laundry. There are two main appliances that make up your laundry room; the washing machine and the dryer. The washing machine is used to clean the clothes using water that is cold, warm or hot and some sort of cleaning detergent. You can also use bleach or fabric softener during this part of the routine. This is where many people differ. There are many options when choosing what detergent you want to use. There are smells, colors, dye free and even eco-friendly options. Whatever you choose most people will stick with it if they like it. After your clothes have been run through the washing machine you can put them in the dryer. The dryer uses heated air and circulation to dry the clothes and shake out the wrinkles. The drying cycle is where you will add a dryer sheet that will soften the clothes, make them smell nice and leave them static free. You really only need to use a fabric softener liquid or a dryer sheet.

Southwest Appliance Repair Compares Dryer Sheets & Fabric Softener

Pros & Cons Of Fabric Softener: When people choose to use fabric softener for their laundry they are usually adding it to the washing cycle as an extra. The fabric softener adds a nice smell and freshness to the clothes that are in the machine. Many people choose fabric softener on some of the heavier laundry such as towels and blankets. The fabric softener will leave a longer lasting smell and freshness to these kinds of laundry. If you use a fabric softener on your delicate items, you may feel like there is residue left over and the clothes may not feel as clean as you like.
Pros & Cons Of Dryer Sheets: If you want to use a dryer sheet you have the benefit of ease. A dryer sheet is easy to grab and throw in the dryer with a load of clothes. You are not at risk of spilling and possibly making a mess. The dryer sheet offers better static control compared to fabric softener. One of the cons is that they can get stuck to your clothes and might go unnoticed. You don’t want to walk around with a dryer sheet stuck to the clothing you are wearing. Another problem that people have with using a dryer sheet is that the freshness just does not last very long.

Washing Machine & Dryer Appliance Repair Service in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS.

Some people believe that if you use dryer sheets and fabric softener you could cause buildup in your dryer and lessen the life span. This is not true. The dryer is made to last and it all depends on the amount of use the dryer is put through. If you use your dryer a lot it will go out before a person that uses it a few times a week. The best way to keep your washer and dryer working and lasting is to have it maintained and repaired on a regular basis. Contact Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio for all your appliance repair needs!

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