Benefits of Garbage Disposal Maintenance in San Antonio, TX to Prevent Unnecessary Repair & Premature Replacement

If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, you are probably already aware of the many benefits it brings to help lighten your daily work load. Your garbage disposal is one of the greatest kitchen inventions And just like many other appliances in your home, if you do not properly care for your disposal, it will fail to perform its chores adequately and leave you with a smelly kitchen and a clogged up drain. The experienced professionals at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio recommend taking the time to properly care for your disposal so your home isn’t left smelling sour.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

There are a handful of simple steps you can take at home to ensure that your garbage disposal continues to function properly. One of the most important things that you can do at home is to keep your garbage disposal clean. Pour a tablespoon of dish soap inside of your garbage disposal and let it run for a minute or two while you run cold water down the drain. Be sure to run your garbage disposal regularly as frequent use of your disposal will prevent rust and ensure that all parts are working as they should be. When you put solid food down your disposal, make sure that you run cold water along with it. Cold water will cause oil to solidify and become chopped up before it reaches the trap.

What Can You Put Down a Garbage Disposal & What Shouldn’t Go In

Never put non biodegradable food down your garbage disposal, it is so important to remember that your garbage disposal is not a garbage can! Non food items can damage both blades and destroy the motor. If you are in doubt, drop whatever it is right into your trash bin. This wills save you the headache of having to replace your garbage disposal all together. Never put plastic, metal or glass down your garbage disposal. Never throw cigarette butts down your garbage disposal. Avoid putting coffee grounds down your garbage disposal, as they will accumulate in drains and pipes resulting in clogs. Never pour harsh chemicals down your garbage disposal, chemicals like bleach and others can damage the blades and the motor of your disposal as well. Never put large animal bones down your disposal, like pork or steak bones.

Garbage Disposal Installation, Repair & Replacement in San Antonio, Texas

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