Best & Worst Time for Your Washer & Dryer to Go Out in San Antonio, TX; Fall Troubleshooting of Washing Machine & Dryer Problems

That really is a rhetorical question since being without any of your appliances seems like the worst time! That is pretty true but there really is a terrible time for you to be without a washer and dryer. When the fall sets in you are going to have a lot of changes in your daily life and schedule that will require the use of the washing machine and dryer. We are talking about school, sports and the layers due to cooler weather. The fall season is really the start of many sporting clubs and teams and that means that your wash just went up double! You are now stuck not only washing the daily normal clothes but also the sports clothes and game day clothes as well. Most often the uniform is worn at the time of the game or practice and not throughout the day. That means that each day there is an event for sports you are adding a second set of clothes. That can pile up extremely quickly and without a washer and dryer it will just continue to stack up. You might also have more clothes to wash now that the kids are back in school and the weather has changed and cooled off. All of the people in the house are going to be wearing more layers such as long sleeves, sweaters, jackets, pants, spare socks and anything else that is worn to stay warm. That all adds up in the dirty laundry basket and you need a good working machine to ensure that the laundry is done.

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio Lists Problems You May Have With Your Washer & Dryer.

Troubleshooting Washing Machine Problems: There are some main problems that many people experience with their washing machine. One of the biggest problems is the washing machine will not drain or fill with water. There can be a problem with a drain or pump and that needs to be repaired by an experienced repairman. Another reason that a washing machine may not function correctly is due to the agitator not turning. It needs to turn to get the clothes clean and ready to wear. The motor could be bad but the only way to tell is to have the machine checked by a professional.
Troubleshooting Dryer Problems: The dryer has several things that can malfunction and cause it to not work. The biggest problem is the dryer will not heat up the air and that is what really gets the clothes to actually dry. If the heating coils are not working they may need to be replaced or repaired. Another problem can cause the dryer to stop working is if the dryer vent is full and blocked off. The air needs to escape somewhere and if it can’t, it may start to back up and burn up the machine. If this is not repaired right away it can damage the dryer beyond repair.

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