Common Microwave Problems in San Antonio TX? Quick Troubleshooting & Repair Guide!

The appliances in your home all have a part to play in making life easier. We have all gotten used to these staples to cook our dinner, clean our clothes and keep our food cold just to name a few. One of the appliances that makes life easy, especially when you have a busy schedule and are on the go, and that is your microwave. The microwave is a way to not only warm up your food but you can use it to cook as well. What good is a movie night at home without popcorn? That is what happens when you don’t have a microwave. You may not even think twice about the microwave because they tend to work well and don’t usually have too many problems. When you go to cook some food and the microwave isn’t working it can throw a wrench in your day.

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio lists the most common problems with your microwave and how they can be fixed.

Microwave Sparks: If you turn on your microwave and see that there are sparks that go from one side to the other, even for a second, you need to have it looked at. This can be dangerous but it can be fixed. Stop using the microwave and call an appliance repair company to come out and check for some of the most common reasons for this malfunction. One way this could be caused is if you have small scrap of metal in the microwave. It could have fallen off a container and you may not have noticed. This can be a check that you can do on your own. There is a wave guide cover that is in all microwaves. If this has become damaged, it can cause sparks to emit from the microwave. It can be as simple as food stuck to the guard that needs to be cleaned off.
Microwave Turntable Is Not Turning: This is a common problem that can happen to microwaves. If the table is not turning, your food may not cook correctly and you can get some hot spots and uneven cooking. This can be as simple as the glass cover being knocked off the track and it stops spinning. It can also be when the motor runs out and needs to be repaired or replaced.

If you are having some trouble with your microwave not working call Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio today!

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