Factors to Consider When Buying a Refrigerator in San Antonio, TX; Space Requirements & More

There is one room in your home that has the ability to bring everyone together. The kitchen is the space that people will come to enjoy prepping, cooking and eating a meal. Families take time out of their busy day to enjoy and friends get together with food or a meal as the main event. That is why it is important that the appliances that are in your kitchen are perfect for your situation. The refrigerator is a huge part of your kitchen and is used to keep your foods from perishing. It is also the first place your family will look for a cold drink or a quick snack. Getting the right one is important and that is why you need to consider several options.

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio Outlines What You Need to Know When You Are Ready to Buy A New Refrigerator

What is the Best Refrigerator for Your Needs?: You need to take into consideration what the needs of your home are when it comes to a refrigerator. The fridge is where you will keep anything that you are purchasing that has to be kept cold or you want to have cold. If you are a single person that has little to no friends and family over you might not need as large of a unit. If you have a large family with kids and you host events then your space is much more valuable and you may need a larger space to keep your groceries for the week. The amount of food you need to keep for the week is more dependent on how many people you have living there and how much you cook at home.
Refrigerator Space Requirements: Another aspect of buying a new refrigerator is what space you have available for the fridge. Most homes have a space that is set up for the fridge and that space will allow for a specific type and size fridge. You want to make sure that when you go out to buy a fridge you make sure that you measure the spots length and depth.
Top Mount Refrigerator: Now you want to make sure that you choose a fridge that is best for you in terms of set up. There are several types that you can look into and one of them is the top mount fridge. The freezer is mounted on top of the fridge portion and this is quite a common option. The downfalls are often that the freezer can be small and hard to keep organized. The fridge will cause you to have to bend down to reach the bottom of the fridge space.
Bottom Freezer Refrigerator: The next type of fridge that you can go for is the bottom mount fridge. This is the exact opposite of the first option. The fridge is mounted at the top and the freezer at the bottom. The problems are similar in terms of space and needing to bend down when you want to access the freezer.
Side By Side Refrigerator: The last fridge that you can look for is a side by side. This is a great option because the doors both open to the side and you get more ability to organize the space. The freezer side is often offset and is smaller than the fridge. You need to be sure that the space that you have available for the fridge will allow for the doors to open on each side.


Often the best refrigerator for your needs is the one you already have. Southwest Appliance Repair Of San Antonio has the ability to repair your refrigerator and other appliances. Give our office a call to make your appointment today!

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