Front or Top Loading Washing Machine Smells in Boerne, TX? How to Remove Washer Odors

The washing machine in our home is usually tucked away out of sight and provides us with clean, fresh-smelling clothes. That comforting aroma is so pleasing that there are air fresheners on the market to mimic the smell. But what happens if your washing machine starts to stink? It’s reassuring to know that your washing machine probably isn’t defective but just needs some TLC. You realize just how much you depend on your washing machine when something goes wrong with it and you can’t use it. You can continue to use a smelly washing machine, but it stinks. You worry that your clothes will smell if you use it and you’ll find yourself thinking about calling for repair and/or determine what’s going on.

Why Does My Washing Machine Smell like Sewage or Stinks like Rotten Eggs?

Chances are that the smell in your washing machine is because of mold. You do not want mold in your washing machine. Mold spores develop when mold dries, and the spores start to circulate throughout the air. This causes mold spores to travel to other areas or objects. Your washing machine if a prime location for mold to develop because mold thrives in an environment that is moist and dark. It will feed, grow and reproduce. This reproduction causes chemical compounds that result in the smell you’re smelling and will cause your clothes to smell. This of course means you will be smelly too! Cleaning the washer on your own can do a lot to help but there are places on your washing machine that mold can get into to that you can’t possibly get to on your own or think to look. Professionals have the training and the right tools to get to all those areas to clean and ensure they are free of mold. If the mold is completely removed, the smell will be gone.

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Don’t resign yourself to having a smelly washing machine as part of your life and clean it from time to time.
1. Take ¼ of a cup of baking soda and mix it with ¼ of water. Pour this solution into the detergent dispenser of your washing machine.
2. Pour 2 cups of white vinegar directly in to the drum and then run a normal load with high heat.
3. Use a sponge dipped in a mixture of one-part water and one-part vinegar to rub away any dirty spots that may be left behind.
4. To keep your washing machine fresh in the future only use detergents that are formulated for high-efficiency washers, try and keep the drum as dry as possible between washings and clean the gasket when you see it needs it.

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If your efforts to keep you washing machine smelly-free have failed and you need professionals, call Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio. Efficient cleaning will ensure your clothes will be clean and won’t smell. Call us today!

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