How to Extend the Life of the Garbage Disposal to Avoid Appliance Repairs in Universal City, TX

Appliances in our homes are a time saving convenience that makes doing many jobs easier along with other contributors. Most appliances are used multiple times a day if not continuously and every day, they experience wear as they operate. With routine maintenance and care, many of these appliances can have their life expectancy surpassed, or at the very least, minimize the need for repairs. Garbage disposals are an appliance that often take too much abuse and are neglected, having them expire way before they are due. To help our customers get their money’s worth out of their garbage disposal, minimize repairs, and extend the life, we at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to offer some tips and advice.

How to Extend the Life of the Garbage Disposal

1) Know the limitations of your garbage disposal. There are limitations to the disposal; many things need to be avoided. Different materials cannot be cut up and trying will only cause damage. Plastics and metals are prime examples as they are incapable of being chopped up and will only get lodged in the moving components, causing the garbage disposal motor to over heat until it eventually becomes irreparable. Consult your manual to know what can and cannot be fed through the garbage disposal.
2) Use only cold water down garbage dispossal. When the garbage disposal is running, only use cold water. The water is lubrication for the blades, permitting them to run more smoothly. The water running also helps flush down the processed food and helps sweep away the debris down the drain. Using only cool water will prevent the motor from overheating as it keeps cooled.
3) Do not dispose of grease in the garbage disposal. It is crucial that grease is not poured down the garbage disposal, because grease only causes damage. The grease produced by cooking by pouring it down the sink seems easier disposed of running it through the garbage disposal, but after continuing this bad habit, after while there is a buildup residue and grease deposits. These substances cause the garbage disposal to cease and malfunction. The damage is so extensive that the unit requires replacing.
4) Routine cleaning of garbage disposal. The garbage disposal should be cleaned regularly, especially because it aids in cleanup in the kitchen. Festering in the nooks, crannies, and in between the blades is food particles, residues, and even the possibility of mildew. To avoid a pungent buildup, the garbage disposal needs a cleaning fairly often. Once a week clean the garbage disposal according to the steps below.
– Use and ice tray to fill the slats with concentrated vinegar.
– Pop the cubes out of the tray after they have froze and flush them down the sink with garbage disposal on and cool water flowing.
– If odors persist, run the garbage disposal with cool water and citrus fruit peelings.
The ice will sharpen the blades as the vinegar cleans and neutralizes odors allowing the cool water to flush away the debris. To remove any built up residues, once a month, pour a pot of boiling water down the drain, follow up by flipping the garbage disposal on and rinse with cool water.

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