Ice Maker Problems & Troubleshooting in San Antonio, TX; Appliance Repairs When Ice Maker is Not Working, Getting Water, Making Ice or Ice Tastes Funny!

A cold drink is one thing but a cold drink with some delicious ice cubes is even better! If you have an ice maker you depend on it to make your drinks colder as well as any other items. When the ice does not work and come out it can become frustrating and it leaves you with an appliance that is no longer meeting your needs. There are several reasons that you might need to have your ice maker repaired.

Southwest Appliance Repair lists what can be wrong with your ice maker and what needs to be done to fix it.

Ice Tastes Funny: Maybe your ice maker is working and producing the proper amount of ice but it tastes terrible! That is just as bad as the appliance not working at all. There are several reasons that your ice can taste bad and one of them is the filter is old and covered in debris. The filter is what all the water passes through before it fills the ice trays. The filter needs to changed out and replaced on occasion to ensure that the freshest water is used to make the ice cubes. If you leave the ice in the tray too long the ice can become stale and make the ice taste stale. You need to make sure that you take out the old ice and empty it so that you can let the fresher ice stay in the trays. Another reason could be due to food that you have in your freezer that is not sealed and covered properly. Make sure that you are sealing all foods so that it can leave the ice tasting its best.
No Ice Or Small Pieces Of Ice Are Coming Out: If you have ice cubes that are smaller than they should be or not coming out at all you may have your settings wrong. You need to be sure that you have your freezer set to zero degrees to ensure that your entire unit is able to work right. If the freezer is not set to the right temperature the ice will not freeze and the refrigerator can have trouble keeping cooled as well. The refrigerator coils can be covered in dust and debris which causes the unit to work harder to cool everything down. The fix it to have the coils cleaned off well so that they heat can escape properly. This can help to keep the ice freezing at the right temperature.
Not Getting Water: It sounds silly but the first thing to check is that the ice maker is turned on! Look for the power cord in the left or back wall of the freezer. Next is to ensure the water is turned on to the refrigerator. This valve is usually found under the sink or in the basement. Other causes of your ice maker not getting water include a frozen fill tube going into the icemaker. A service technician will have to verify if this is the case. Finally, the icemaker may not be getting water if the filter is clogged or missing altogether.

Ice Maker Appliance Repair in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS.

If you have trouble with your ice maker or any other appliances, call a licensed appliance repair company such as Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio to have your appliance inspected and repaired when necessary.

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