Installing & Building an Outdoor Kitchen in San Antonio, TX; Appliance Hook Ups & More

Hosting BBQs in the backyard is an American pastime and quite a tradition. Hosting meals to and offering fresh air, wide open space, and ambient lighting is the perfect setting. From juicy burgers, to mouthwatering fried chicken to corn on the cob and kabobs, cooking for your loved ones is usually an enjoyable experience. But having an outdoor kitchen would make the experience extraordinary. Imagine being in the center of conversation and laughter while still cooking up the great eats. Evolving the basic grill into a modernized outdoor kitchen can offer you convenience and accommodate the illustrious chef in us all. Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to discuss the upgrade and see if you and your backyard are ready to take the plunge.

Tips for Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

Location of Outdoor Kitchen: When located directly off the kitchen, outdoor barbecue stations are the most functional. Consider installing a door in the kitchen for ease of access if your patio door connects to a different room of the house. Assess the space you have to work with in the backyard and keep in mind that you want your outdoor kitchen to be protected from the wind and other elements as much as possible. Installing it next to the house is optimal. Be aware of overhead trees, awnings, and trellises that could create a fire hazard.
Sturdy Surface for the Grill: A deck or patio is ideal to build the outdoor cooking area, as outdoor cooking areas must be built on a hard surface. This will have to happen first if you do not have a solid surface to construct the outdoor kitchen on.
Kitchen Appliances Need Supply & Drain Lines: When installing an outdoor sink and dishwasher keep in mind that they require plumbing for supply and drain lines. Additionally, appliances like outdoor refrigerator, dishwasher, ice maker, and lights all need electricity for safety and accommodations.
However, options for grilling with charcoal or gas grill are still available; installing a gas line prevents you from ever needing to refuel if you chose the gas grill. Refillable propane tanks are another option though if you don’t have access to natural gas in your area.
Design Outdoor Kitchen for Comfort: As easy to use as your indoor kitchen, the outdoor cooking space should bring the best comfort. Keep the countertops in mind, lighting so you can continue to cook after dark and an overhead canopy perhaps to offer shelter to diners from the hot sun and other elements.
Outdoor Kitchen Maintenance: Keeping the outdoor kitchen properly maintained. To ensure the appliances last for years to come and they are efficient at doing their job, make maintenance and repair a top priority. Keep the outdoor kitchen clean and organized and it will be ready to be used at the drop of a hat.


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