Keep your Deep Freezer Cool This Summer in Plano TX; How Cold is a Chest Freezer Supposed to Be & How Do You Avoid Frost Buildup?

One of the greatest appliances you can purchase to add comfort to your style of living this summer is a deep freezer. Deep freezers come in very handy when it comes to storing meat, bread and those delicious frozen treats that are generally consumed during the summer months. Popsicles, ice cream, and other delicious treats do not always fit in your standard refrigerator freezer. If you are stocking up on meat from a sale at the grocery store, a deep freezer is a great way to free up room in your other small freezer too. When the temperature begins to rise, it is important to pay close attention to your deep freeze, to make sure you do not end up with pounds of defrosted meat or soupy cartons of ice cream.

Deep Freezer Not Freezing?

There are a handful of problems that a deep freezer can experience. One of the most common issues that owners of a deep freeze run into is when the deep freezer fails to freeze completely. One of the first steps to take when this happens is to make sure that your deep freezer is getting power. Many times it will be the outlet that the freezer is plugged into that has stopped working properly. Avoid taking your deep freeze in for repair when there is absolutely nothing wrong with it in the first place. If the outlet is working and your deep freezer is still not getting cool, check to see what the thermostat is set at. It could be as simple as turning it to a cooler dial. A deep freezer should be set at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. If this fails, it is time to call in a professional from Southwest Appliance Repair.

How to Avoid Frost Buildup Inside of your Deep Freezer

Another common complaint that people have about their deep freezer is that is quickly builds up a thick layer of frost throughout the entire freezer. Frost build up can become frustrating and take up a great deal of real estate inside of your freezer leaving little to no room for the food items that you need to store inside. A frost buildup inside of your deep freeze usually means that there is a problem in the self defrosts system. Self defrost freezers are supposed to defrost themselves every six to twelve hours.


If your freezer is not self defrosting or experience other issues, contact Southwest Appliance Repair today to get your deep freezer working like a champ before the stifling heat of summer arrives.

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