Laundry Room Appliances; Part of Washers & Dryers & When you Need Appliance Repair in Georgetown TX

Everything You Need to Know About Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is a place that people go to work! It is never a place that you go to sit and relax. The laundry room is the epicenter of dirty clothes and where you are stuck switching clothes from washer to dryer again and again. The cycle is never ending and you have to make sure that your machines are working appropriately and efficiently. The first step is to know all you can about your washer and dryer and how they work.

Southwest Appliance Repair lists the things you need to know about your washer and dryer!

What Are The Parts Of A Washer: If you know what the different parts of the washer there are, you have a leg up. There is an inner drum and an outer drum. When you open the washing machine, the part that you see right off the bat is the inner drum. It is the area that you place the clothes to wash them. The outer drum is a water tight drum that catches the water and surrounds the inner drum. There are also paddles that help when the washing machine oscillates. The thermostat is what will tell the water what temperature it should be to wash that specific load of clothes. You also have a pump that will get the water from the drum and pump it out of the machine into a drain. There are also pipes that send water into the machine and remove it from the machine when it is done. There can be trouble with any of these parts but most of them can be fixed or replaced easily.

What Are The Parts Of A Dryer: There are several parts of a dryer that can cause trouble for you. There is a fan that works to send air into the dryer to dry the clothes. There is also a heating element that will heat the air that is the best way to dry the clothes and release any wrinkles. There is also a dryer vent and a lint catcher. These two items need to be cleaned out if you want the dryer to continue to work correctly. If they are not done it can lead to the machine not working as well as a possible fire hazard.

Whatever problems that arise with your washer, dryer or other appliances, you can call Southwest Appliance Repair in CEDAR PARK, AUSTIN, ROUND ROCK, GEORGETOWN, FRISCO, ALLEN, PLANO, SAN ANTONIO AND DALLAS TEXAS today to make an appointment.

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