Most Common Gas & Electric Oven & Stove Top Burner Range Problems in Cedar Park TX

There are several appliances in your kitchen that are used on a regular basis. The dishwasher is used to get all the dishes washed and sanitized. The refrigerator and freezer are working nonstop to keep your food and drinks cold and fresh. The microwave is a great appliance that is used when you need to quickly heat up food or warm some milk. There are also smaller appliances like the garbage disposal and ice maker but the most important area of the kitchen has to be the range. The range refers to the combination of stovetop and oven. This is an appliance that is used to cook meals every day and bake treats. If you have ever had your oven or stove top go out you know that it can put a real damper on daily life. The range is central to meal preparation and cooking. Most homes cook at least one meal at home using this appliance.

Southwest Appliance Repair has the most common problems with ovens and stoves and what you can do to have them repaired.

Most Common Problems with a Gas or Electric Oven: Although problems with the oven are not super common especially with a newer model, there are some things that can go wrong. One of the most common thing that goes wrong with an oven is there is no power. This can mean that the appliance needs to be repaired but it can also mean replacement. There are also problems with the oven not cooking evenly throughout. This can mean that you have a bad coil that needs to be replaced. Another easy fix is if the light inside the oven has burned out. This bulb is a specialty bulb and is best left to a professional.

Most Common Problems with a Gas or Electric Stove Top Burner: The most common problem with a gas cook top or stove is the pilot light has gone out. This can be several reasons but because it is using gas you want to be very careful when trying to make repairs. It is best to have a professional that has experience in re-lighting the pilot. Another issue that seems to happen with cook tops is the electrical burner is not getting hot. The coils that are used to heat up on the stove could be malfunctioning and need to be replaced.

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