Most Common Problems With My Refrigerator & Freezer Appliances in San Antonio TX; & How to Repair Them!

Before refrigerators and freezers were used in homes people had no good ways to keep their food cold and preserved longer than a day or two. The food was used when you got it and not kept cold and definitely not frozen to be kept for months. We have become accustomed to using refrigerators and freezers and love to stock them full of our favorite foods and all the ingredients that are needed to prepare a meal for you and your family. Without a refrigerator or freezer most people would have to use lots more time preparing food and getting it fresh. The convenience of them are worth so much and you don’t probably think much about it until all of a sudden they stop working the way they are made to. You may think that you cannot function without them but just remember that not too long ago they were not used at all! There are some common issues that can come up with a refrigerator and freezer that may need some repairs but most of them need to be done by a professional.

Southwest Appliance Repair has a list of common refrigerator & freezer issues and how to fix them.

Refrigerator doors have condensation: If you are looking at the doors of the fridge and notice that they seem to be sweating; this can be a problem. Although the refrigerator is constantly running without a break it should not have condensation on the doors. This usually means the gaskets that help to seal the doors are bad and need to be replaced. An appliance repair company can come out and repair and replace the gaskets.
Refrigerator light is out: If you go for a midnight snack only to find that the light in your refrigerator is not working you may call this inconvenient. How can you possibly get your favorite late night snack if you can’t actually see it! This is a simple repair. There is a lightbulb that just like other bulbs has gone out and needs to be replaced with a new one. Be sure that you install the correct kind of light so that you do not overload the wiring.
Your food is freezing in the refrigerator: If you go to get the milk out and it is frozen you may have a setting problem. This is most likely a simple fix and knowing your settings and the best setting for the amount of food that is in your refrigerator can help keep your items cold but not frozen. If you have lots of food in the fridge and then all the sudden you use a lot and it is fairly empty, it may start to freeze the food that is left. You can simply adjust the setting to correct the temperature.
The freezer is full of ice and frost: Is there a lot of frost around the edges of your freezer that seems to be getting out of hand? This can be just because of a door that has been left open. The freezing elements will make up for the temperature change and the cold will turn to frost and start to build up. It can also be due to the door seal that is damaged in some way. Most freezers have a defrost mode that is used to keep the frost from building up but if it has gotten too out of hand you may need to hire a professional.

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