Most Common Problems With Your Refrigerator Not Cooling in San Antonio, TX; Fridge Leaking & Cycles Too Often

The refrigerator in your home holds all the food that you need to keep at a particular temperature to ensure that it is safe to eat. If your fridge goes out, all that food is going to go bad if you don’t have the refrigerator repaired as soon as possible. The fridge can have several problems that would require a professional technician to come out and fix it for you.

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio Lists Common Problems that Occur With Your Refrigerator

Refrigerator Leaks Water on the Floor: If you look at your fridge and you see that there is water that is puddling on the floor around your refrigerator you have a leak. There are two main areas that cause a fridge to leak and one of them is if the drain for the defrosted ice is clogged or blocked somehow. This can be due to food that is near the drain and can cause the blockage. The line needs to be clear so that the water can freely escape the line and drain away from the area. If there is food blocking it, the water will freeze about it and not have anywhere to go except leak out. The other main reason is due to a water line that has been frozen and causes the line to leak out. There can be a water line up to the ice maker or a water line for the external water spout. Whatever the water leak is from it is best to call a professional.
Fridge Cycles Too Often: You can tell when the refrigerator is running from the hum that usually occurs when it is actually running. The fridge should not have to run constantly but will turn back to when the internal temperature reaching lower than the set degree. The biggest problem is that your energy usage will go up and that can cost you money and it can lead to the refrigerator going out sooner than it should. The first reason for a fridge cycling too often is that the condenser coil is covered in dust. The dust can block the coils which will lead to the fridge needing to run more often to keep the area cooled off. If you have a dusty house or property or you have pets that shed a lot you could have this problem. Another reason that your fridge is running too often is that you are setting the temperature too low. There is a setting that is standard and should be cool enough to take care of a full refrigerator. If you set it too low it can take a long time to reach that temperature and that means it will run too often. You can have an appliance repair company come out and check the coils and clean or replace them and also look at the setting to show you what the best temperature would be for your style and size refrigerator.

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