Most Common Refrigerator & Freezer Problems in Frisco Texas; Troubleshooting, Repair & Preventative Maintenance

If you think about the appliances in your home there are two items that run 24 hours a day seven days a week and 365 days a year. We are talking about your refrigerator and freezer. Once you plug them in and set the temperature you want they go, go, go. They don’t need a lot of help to stay running but they should be maintained properly and repaired when necessary. The main reason is that if you have a refrigerator or freezer that goes out you usually do not know the moment it happens. This means that you could wake up to find all your food warm and probably ruined. This can cost several hundred dollars on average.

Southwest Appliance Repair has come up with some of the problems to look out for.

Light Bulbs: This problem is not really something that you need to have repaired, but it can be an annoyance when you are looking for items and can’t see them very well. This is especially problematic if you are in the refrigerator or freezer at night when the lights are out in the kitchen. This is an easy fix, but you need to be sure you get the correct bulb. If you get a bulb that is too high of a wattage you could have a bulb that will overheat and could cause damage to the plastic around the bulb. The best way to feel confident that you have the right bulb is to have a professional repairman come out to switch it out for you.

Seal Torn: The way that a refrigerator and freezer is able to hold in the cold temperature is in part due to the seal. This is usually a rubber gasket that extends around the door and when the door is shut it seals it from the temperature outside. When this seal becomes torn or removed it can allow the cold air to escape and the cold air will struggle to keep your food at the temperature that you want. An appliance repairman can repair this for you and replace the seal.

Noises: If you are hearing extra noises coming from your refrigerator and freezer this can just mean that it is having to work a little harder. When you load a large amount of groceries that need to be brought up to temperature or if it is a really hot day out. This can also mean that there is a problem that needs to be evaluated by a professional.

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