Residential & Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance Checklist & Tips in Allen TX

Our ice machines are wonderful little creations that aid us in the quest for refreshingly cold beverages. But like any other appliance in our homes, they need to be cleaned and cared for to not only extend the functioning efficiency, but also ensure your ice cubes are clean and free of foreign debris. The most common problem with ice machines is the mineral deposits in our water that build up in the machine.

Maintaining your ice machine only needs to be done twice a year; best done in the winter and spring. Always consult with your manual for additional procedures, tips and warnings before you take on this job yourself.

Air-Cooled Condenser. The air-cooled condenser is extremely important to keep clean. It contributes to keeping your machine at top performance. Remember there are Freon tubes in the machine, so taking great caution to avoid puncturing the tubes is crucial. When the condenser is not cleaned regularly, the freeze time increases, and renders your ice machine incapable of running efficiently. Long freeze times occur when heat isn’t being removed from the water through the condenser. Not only will your ice be influenced, but other machine parts will try to compensate, causing premature wear and tear. Using a small nylon brush, gently clean the dust and other debris particles from off the fan blades. Use extreme care as to not bend or misshapen the cooling fans. Make sure there is nothing blocking the air flow, to keep the fan blowing smoothly.
Clean Mold and Mildew. Obviously keeping mold and mildew out of your ice machine is important. Mold and slimy mildew is prone to grow on plastic and rubber parts that is in contact with water and moisture. It is easily found on the ice bin as well. If left neglected, mildew and mold could be discovered in ice cubes. A nylon brush and a cleaner designed for mildew and mold removal and disinfecting are going to be needed. Set your machine to clean mode. When the water starts overflowing into the evaporator, use the recommended cleaner and follow the labels instructions as to how much to use. With the nylon brush, commence to cleaning the parts where you are seeing signs of potential mildew and mold growth. Clean the ice bin thoroughly, and give attention to the drain; scrubbing it clean and removing any foreign debris. Always practice safety when cleaning machines and handling chemical detergents.
Lime scale build up. Lime scale build up contributes to deterioration and the ability for ice to be accumulated. Over time lime scale deposits can hinder the performance of your ice machine. Keeping the lime scale build up under control is key to a smoothly operating ice machine. The parts often inflicted by lime scale build up are the water pump, inlet valve and evaporator. While the cleaning cycle is in use, scrub the evaporator; be careful to not scrub off the nickel coating however. Be sure to use the manufacturers recommendation for lime scale removers.

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