Timely Washing Machine Repairs Can Prevent a Flooded House & Water Damage in Universal City, TX

Your washing machine could be responsible for costly water damage to your home this year and according to insurance companies, damage caused by washing machines amounts to approximately $5000 per each insurance claim. According to the knowledgeable experts at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio, there are several different ways that your washing machine can cause water damage and the majority of homeowners have no idea how to prevent it from happening. Understanding how your washing machine works and how to avoid damage will not only save you valuable time it could also save you thousands of dollars in damages and potential repairs.

Causes of Leaking Washing Machines

If your washing machine is the victim of a constant leak the issue is probably related to your supply hose. For example if the leak occurs during the wash cycle and before the spin cycle the leak is internal but if you are experiencing water on the floor during or after the spin cycle you are more than likely experiencing a drainage issue. Contact your Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio specialist for professional evaluation and repairs.

Washing Machine Supply Hose Failure

Supply hose failure is responsible for more than 50% of all washing machine water damage claims. The three main reasons for hose failure can be attributed to accidentally twisting or pinching the hose during installation causing a small tear, poor hose connection between the wall and the washing machine, and aging brittle hoses. If your supply hose is more than five years old replace them as soon as possible.

Washing Machine Drain Pipes

Washing machine drainage pipes that are clogged or not correctly aligned are often the prime culprit when it comes to water damage as are internal leaks. Overloading your washing machine for example can loosen valves and gaskets as well as cause cracks. Taking the time to run smaller loads will preserve the lifespan of your appliance and save you the headache of dealing with expensive water damage and clean ups.

Washing Machine Flooded House or Apartment? How to Prevent!

The best way to protect your home from washing machine water damage is to:
• Replace the intake hose on your washing machine every five years
• Don’t overload your washing machine
• Contact Southwest Appliance Repairs of San Antonio to have your washing machine professionally installed to avoid the risk of damaged water lines and drainage issues
• Turn off the intake valve behind your washing machine at the first sign of a water leak


While the majority of homeowner’s insurance policies cover water damage caused by your appliances, this does not necessarily mean it will cover the damage to the actual appliance itself. When shopping for a washing machine, do your research and purchase one with a parts and labor warranty. Almost 80% of all washing machine water damage claims involved washers that are less than 11 years old. To learn more about washing machine appliance repairs, contact the knowledgeable experts at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio today.

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