Troubleshooting Gas Oven Problems in Seguin, TX; Delayed Ignition, Clicking But Not Lighting & More

One of the most heating efficient and cost effective types of ovens is gas. Due to the gas oven’s efficiency they are often used in many homes across America. However, every appliance has its own disadvantages and requires maintenance or repair from time to time, including gas ovens. Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio will share some of the most common problems with gas oven.

Gas Oven Troubleshooting

Delayed Ignition – One of the many advantages of a gas oven is rapid on and off time, unlike electric ovens. However, if your oven is experiencing a delay and takes awhile before operating or igniting, this could indicate a problem. When the there is a delay with the ignition this could be due to blocked or clogged ignition ports. Not only is the oven not functioning properly, a clogged ignition port can cause a fire or even an explosion which can damage the internal components and the gas panes of the oven. In addition, the fires can spread burning your home. The ports may need to be replaced if your gas oven is experience delayed ignition.
Emits Gas Odors – If you smell gas odors when the oven is in use, this is a sign there is a problem. Each case varies. However it could be due to a defective gas valve which is leaking gas. Sometimes gas valves may open up too quickly which doesn’t allow the gas ignition to reach the correct temperature. The gas valve itself could also be damaged, thus allowing small amounts of gas to escape which will emit odors. If you are smelling gas, turn off the gas immediately and contact a professional to determine the cause of the gas leak.
Poor Burner Lighting – There are times when the gas burner may fail to light up when you’re using your oven. Sometimes the burners won’t reach the highest heat setting either, which leading to inefficient cooking. In this scenario, the cause of inadequate lighting of the burner is due to restricted cross over ports. The cross over ports is located on the burner tube that resembles two tiny holes. If these holes appear blocked or dirty, use a small brush to clear away any obstructions. If the cross over ports have been cleaned and are still not working, contact a professional repair service.
Burners Fail to Light – The oven pilot light is designed to light up when your oven is turned on. If the burner fails to light up, it could be due to dirty pilot light electrodes. The pilot lights are in the back of the oven. Inspect them and see if they need to be clean. They look like tiny metal rods that are between the tubes which connect to the burners. Use an old tooth brush to clean the electrodes or call a professional.

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Gas ovens need repairs from time to time, just like any other appliance. Luckily, gas ovens are easy to maintain. If your gas oven is having any of these problems, or you need help repairing any of your home’s appliances, contact Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio today.

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