Washer & Dryer Maintenance Service Tips in New Braunfels, TX to Avoid Emergency Repairs

Appliances entail plenty of responsibility if you expect to keep them operating at their full potential for as long as they are projected to. There are quite a few things you can do to care for your washer and dryer that are simple to do. With routine maintenance, you can help lengthen the useful life of these appliances significantly. Not only will these appliances be readily available when you need them, but your laundry will be efficiently washed and dried. We at Texas Appliance and Repair of San Antonio would like to share some tips and advice on caring for your washer and dryer.

Washing Machine & Dryer Maintenance Before Every Load of Laundry

Washer: Before starting a load, confirm the unit has not rattled out place and make certain is leveled and well grounded. For the different size loads, use the right amount of detergents; if necessary, consult your manual to make certain you are pouring the right amount of detergent into the specific size load of laundry. Only start a load when you are committed to completing it. Clothes left in the washer can grow mildew and even mold if left too long. Immediately toss the clothes into the dryer at the completion of the washing and rinse cycle. Once the load is completed, leave the door open to increase air circulation if t is located on top of the unit and be sure to wipe away any excess moisture from the door and gaskets.
Dryer: To enhance the dryer’s performance and reduce the risk of fires, clean out the lint dryer trap before and after every load to ensure it is done. Any lint that might have landed on the surface be sure to wipe it down to avoid buildup.

Washer & Dryer Monthly Maintenance

Routinely check the dryer’s exhaust duct for crimps, unnecessary bends, and clogs for efficiency. Look over your washer’s hoses for bulges, loose gaskets, cracks and leaks. The hoses can easily burst and hundreds of gallons of water could flood your home, damaging your possessions and structure. If they are damaged upon your inspection, get them replaced as soon as possible; otherwise replace the hose every five years. Gaskets can be tightened if they are loose. Wash rubber gaskets and drums found in both appliances with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Don’t neglect the drain pipe filter on front loading washing machines and get them cleaned.

How to Maintain Washing Machine & Dryer Each Season & Year

To increase air flow capability and wash the fine chemical residue buildup, wash down the dryer lint filter with warm soapy water. Do not replace the filter until it is completely dry. Every year, the exterior exhaust duct line needs to be cleaned to remove the lint and debris. If cleaned out at least once a year, the odds of fires caused by clogged ducts can be greatly reduced. Chances are you have an obstruction and cleaning it out will give your dryers quality efficiency back should you notice the dryer needing two or three cycles to dry a load.

Additional Tips

If you have metal ductwork, replace them with vinyl exhaust ducts to lessen the chance of fires. Rubber hoses are not very durable, if your unit is equipped with them, switch to the braided-metal mesh hoses for superior quality. Any nicks and scratches on the surface areas of your appliances should be touched up with paint to avoid rusting.

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