Washing Machine Drain Pipe Leaking & Other Signs You Need Washer Repair in Von Ormy, TX

The washing machine is a valuable asset in any home that people depend on, especially those with larger families. When the washing machine is not operating correctly, it can throw off your whole routine. If you can spot the signs your washing machine is about to fail, you can deal with the problem before it becomes a time consuming repair. Below, we at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to take the opportunity to share some of the most common red flags that your washing machine is going to need repairs sooner than later.

Signs You Need Washing Machine Repair

1) Abnormal Washing Machine Sounds. A sign of a loose belt, an unbalanced drum or a broken drum or motor mount in the event your washing machine is making loud noises white it is operating. To resolve the issue quickly and effectively, call in a professional to determine the reasons for the loud or abnormal sounds. However, keep in mind that if the washer only makes unusually loud noises during larger loads, you may have to re-balance the clothes to reduce the wobbling while it is on the spin cycle.
2) Washer Draining Failure. There may be an obstruction that is preventing water from draining properly in the event water stays in your washing machine after a full wash-rinse-spin cycle. First check your drain hose for any blockages or kinks to either confirm this is the culprit or eliminate it from the common suspects. A problem with the water pump is the likely issue if there are no apparent obstructions and expert professional will need to take care of the problem.
3) Spin Cycle is Not Functioning. You likely have a problem with a belt or switch inside your washer, if you notice the washer fills and drains properly but doesn’t spin to remove water from the clothes. Additionally, the clothes are also not likely being cleaned efficiently if this is the problem because the agitation during the washing cycle is also prevented. The disassembly of the entire machine is part of the remedy if the agitator has problems, leaving these repairs in the hands of a professional more optimal.
4) Washing Machine is Not Filling Adequately. A common reason as to why the washing machines that does not fill enough points to blockage in the water supply hoses. Another frequently occurring issue is that sometimes the cutoff switch for the hot and cold-water supplies can be accidentally turned off. If there are no obvious reasons as to why the water is not filling or filling enough, a professional should be called to assess and resolve the issue.

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No one wants to be without the washing machine. More often than not, people put off the repairs when the washing machine first demonstrated issues to avoid being without. Unfortunately, this often turns minor issues into major problems. Initially, a quick fix can often remedy the issue if you call a professional right away where as waiting can create additional problems, making more repairs necessary. When your washing machine first shows red flags of failure, call in the professionals of Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio and let our technicians get the washing machine repaired quicker.

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