What to Do with Old Broken Fridge that is Beyond Refrigerator Appliance Repair in Boerne, TX?

The refrigerator is one of the appliances in your home you rely on most. Like any appliance in our home, they eventually reach the end of their lifespan and don’t last forever. Eventually, you will need a new refrigerator, or perhaps you need to upgrade the size, efficiency, or want other features, in any case, you will need to know what to do with the old fridge. We at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to share what to do with the old fridge when you get a new one. The non-responsible way to get rid of your old fridge is dumping your refrigerator on the side of the road. Below are a few ways to get rid of your refrigerator responsibly.

Who Will Pick Up My Old Refrigerator?

Request the appliance dealer for pickup: Ask your appliance dealer if they can remove your old refrigerator as part of the purchase before you pay for the new refrigerator. Most appliance dealers will provide this as an incentive, especially if they are delivering the new refrigerator to your home. Don’t be afraid to negotiate this service if they don’t normally include it in the transaction.
Donate the old fridge: If there was nothing wrong with the old fridge and it is in otherwise fairly good condition and you are just upgrading to a newer model, tossing the old one is a big waste. Find a place to donate the fridge instead. See if a nonprofit organization in your area can make use of a refrigerator by contacting them. Most of these nonprofit organizations will also make the arrangements for pickup, giving you one less worry and you get to donate to a worthy cause.
Request a nearby recycling center: If you can’t donate them or convince your appliance dealer to remove them for you, recycling your refrigerator or other appliance should always be your next option. To help you find the best solution, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has a responsible appliance disposal program.
Reach out to your local trash services: Contact your local trash collector if there are no recycling plants, and you can’t convince your appliance dealer, and the refrigerator is no longer operational. They will give directions on how to get rid of your fridge in a responsible manner according to the refrigerator disposal protocols.


These are just a few examples of how you can get a dispose of the old refrigerator. There are other alternatives that include selling it or upcycling it. No matter which option you chose, discarding your old refrigerator needs to be done responsibly. If you are having issues with your refrigerator, and you want to know your options concerning repairing or replacing, call Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio. Our technicians will evaluate the refrigerator and locate any problems. We will then present to you the most optimal solution and if the refrigerator is repairable, we are well equipped to make the necessary repairs and do so as quickly as possible. Contact us today!

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