Best Top Load Washers of 2016; Most Reliable, Energy Efficient, Mega Capacity, Agitator VS Impeller & More!

There was a time when consumers really didn’t have a choice when it came to purchasing a new washing machine; in fact many washers came with a center agitator and standard wash cycle which literally used gallons of water. New innovations in design have given customers more options than ever before when purchasing a major appliance. The product lines available include front-loading, portable, and high-efficiency top-loading washers along with the updated version of the tradition top-loading washer. New designs, higher energy efficiency, and quality wash cycles make top-loading washers a desirable option for busy households of all sizes.

Top Loading Washing Machine; New Technologies Inc. Wash Plates & Impeller Motion Tubs, Jet Rinses

The knowledgeable experts at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio have compiled the following list of the best top loading washing machines available on the today’s market. While the more traditional top-loading washers have a vertical post agitator that rotates, many of the latest designs have replaced the center agitator with wash plates that literally toss clothes back and forth in combination with tubs that rotate (impeller motion) to create the necessary friction to get clothes clean. The wash plates also allow for higher capacity cycles making it much easier for users to clean large quantities of laundry in a single load. Many of these washers also use jets of water to rinse the laundry making them much more energy efficient. Some of the compact washers are loosely based on the more traditional designs which consist of an agitator but the improved design gets clothes cleaner and uses less water in the rinse cycle. While each top-loading washer has its pro’s & con’s, the following information will help educate you on the many differences between each type of machine.

Best Mega Capacity Top-Loading Washers for Washing Large Loads of Laundry

The LG WT7700HVA Mega Capacity is a 5.7-cubic-foot top-load washer while the Maytag MVWB955FC has a 6.2-cubic-foot capacity. Both of these top-load washing machines are energy star certified and use the latest technological advances to clean your clothes efficiently. Neither the LG nor the Maytag have an agitator which allows for even bigger loads of laundry. Both washers are excellent choices for growing families. Matching large capacity dryers are also available and equipped to make drying laundry fast and efficient.

Best Top-Loading Washers for Energy Efficiency

Many of the top-loading washers on the market are Energy Star certified but two models in particular, the Samsung DV9000 and the Whirlpool Cabrio WTW70EC, use technology that far exceeds their competition in regards to ease of use and energy conservation. In fact both models are designed to efficiently use both water and electricity to save you money on your energy bills. One outstanding feature on both models is the smartphone technology which allows you to stop and start the washer and matching dryer remotely along with controlling water temperature to further help conserve the energy used in your home.

Best Top-Loading Washers with Time Saving Features

Both the Kenmore Elite and the Kenmore 28132 are two of the best top-load models available with technology that allows them to provide a superior level of quality cleaning for the largest of loads. Both models use powerful jets that spray the clothes and impeller motion instead of an agitator to remove dirt and debris along with using less water. The Kenmore Elite works especially well for large families and includes 10 wash cycles and five soil levels. The washer also features a variety of wash and rinse temperatures. The matching dryer has a large 9.2-cubic-foot capacity and uses SmartDry Ultra technology that automatically adjusts temperature settings to prevent over drying and damaging clothes

Best Top-Loading Washers for Compact Spaces & Fixed Budgets

The GE GTW330ASKWW at 3.8-cubic-feet and the Amana NTW4516FW at 3.5-cubic feet are two of the most affordable options for top-loading washers designed to fit into compact spaces. Both use agitators to thoroughly clean cloths and while the washers and matching dryers are small in size they can handle a surprisingly decent load making them the perfect options for both small and average size households. The GE GTW330ASKWW has a variety of wash cycles with affordable operating expenses.


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