Best & Most Reliable Front Load Washing Machines of 2016; Smart Wi-Fi, Large Capacity, Energy Efficient, Hard Water & More

Washing machines are a great and convenient appliance that no one wants to do without. As they fail we quickly search for a replacement. What makes a washing machine great? As 2016 has come to a close, Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio will share of the some of the top rated washing machines of 2016 and what makes them the top in their class. In this way, the next time you need to go shopping you will find the best washer for your needs.

Wi-Fi & Smart Washing Machines?

Many washing machines have Wi-Fi, which can connect right to your phone or tablet for control and notification when the cycle is complete. Research tells us the best washing machines don’t just have Wi-Fi but they also offer multiple washing cycles and options. Many have bedding settings, color to white, from hand wash and delicate settings. This provides many options in washing any type of linen properly. More and more are becoming better at water and power efficiency that provides additional savings. Here are some of the top washing machines of 2016.

Best Large Capacity Front Load Washer; Samsung WF56H9110

The Samsung WF56H9110 is a rather expensive washing machine but then again, the best usually is. However what makes it so great? To start with, it has 5.6 cubic feet of washing space making it one of the largest washing machines today. It is a front loader and is one of the most efficient when it comes to both water and power usage. Not only does it do one of the best cleaning jobs compared to other washing machines, it also operates quietly. One of its features offer Super Speed wash mode which can clean within 30 minutes for those days you’re in a rush. Its other features come with end of cycle alarms, stainless steel tubing, automatic temperature control, and an automatic detergent dispenser. The one and only drawback to this washing machine is that it is 3 inches wider than standard models and can make space sometimes a problem.

Best Cheap Front Load, Energy Efficient Washer; Kenmore Elite 41072

One of the top front loading washing machines that fall under a $1000 price tag is the Kenmore Elite 41072. This washing machine is 5.2 cubic foot of washing space, which is above average. It holds the rank of being the most energy efficient washing machine that has been rated. This washing machine does have a longer washing cycle than normal but does a good job of cleaning. This machine includes a Stay Fresh feature where it will occasionally tumble the laundry, keeping it fresh until placed in the dryer. This prevents the musty smell of clothes standing too long. This washing machine is also slightly larger than average washing machines so buyers need to know the space they have available before they buy. The Kenmore Elite 41072 measures 27 inches wide.

Best Hard Water Washer; Maytag MHW8100DC

The Maytag washing machine offers great energy and water efficiency, like most front loaders. This is a smaller model and meets the standard size requirement of 27 inches wide and 39 inches tall. Therefore, it will fit in any standard space. One interesting feature of this washing machine is the ability to control the water hardness levels. This will improve on the cleaning performance of the laundry and avoid hard water problems. Where it is somewhat smaller than the other top brands, it does have stainless steel tub. It’s limited to 4.5 cubic foot of washing space, which is better for smaller homes or families. It does have a quicker washing time than other washing machines.


These are the top three washing machines of 2016. Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio hopes that we were able to share some valuable information and help you find your next washing machine with ease. Call us today for your appliance repair needs.

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