Consumer Reports Top Rated Dishwashers of 2016; Most Reliable, Quietest, Low Maintenance, Best for Smaller Kitchens & More!

One of the most beloved appliances in the kitchen is the dishwasher. Most people would say it is something they feel they can’t live without. The ease of having a machine just wash away all the grime left over after that meal is a game changer. If you are in the market for a new dishwasher, you might find yourself wondering which one you should choose. There are thousands of dishwashers out there. How in the world do you narrow the search down? Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio is here to tell you about our top picks.

The Best Dishwasher for a Tight Budget

If you have a tighter budget, the Maytag MDB4949SDx is a great, traditional choice for you. It has a food grinder and a heated dry cycle. For the price, this dishwasher is equipped with a large stainless steel tub that makes it work more efficiently that those with plastic tubs. User ratings claim that this is a reliable dishwasher. On the downside, you aren’t going to be able to fit as many dishes into this machine and it uses more energy than higher end dishwashers. It also isn’t as quiet as some of its competitors. But at around $500, you can’t go wrong.

Best Dishwasher for Smaller Kitchens

For those of you that have a smaller kitchen and less space to work with, the Bosch 800 Series SPE68U55SS is a top pick. It can’t hold as many dishes obviously, because it is a smaller dishwasher, but it is excellent in performance. For its size, the racks are very flexible and it runs extremely quietly. With this dishwasher, you can still have a built in dishwasher and a small kitchen together. You will find this dishwasher for around $800.

Best Dishwasher with a Low Maintenance Filter

The KitchenAid KDTM354ESS has a self-cleaning filter that practically melts the built up food off your dishes. This dishwasher does an amazing job when it comes to cleaning, and if you are wanting a dishwasher that will clean virtually anything, this is the one for you. It lacks a third rack, so it can’t fit as many dishes as other options, but the power washing zone found in this dishwasher might make up for the missing third rack. Users go back and forth, saying this dishwasher is more prone to repairs than Bosch dishwashers. This dishwasher usually costs between $800-$900.

Best Dishwasher All Around

The Bosch 500 Series comes in at the top for all around performance. This dishwasher operates almost silently. You don’t even realize it is working, it is so quiet. It comes with a great warranty and is energy efficient as well as water conserving. Many consumers love the sleek style of this dishwasher as well. The Bosch 500 Series dishwasher can hold up to 16 place settings which makes it a large capacity dishwasher as well as efficient. At around $800, this dishwasher is the best all-around dishwasher out there, in our opinion.


Good luck on your dishwasher hunt. No matter what choice you make, proper maintenance is key in the longevity of your dishwasher. If you have any issues with your appliances, Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio will get them back up and running in no time. Call us today!

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