How to Clean & Organize Your Refrigerator Properly to Run it Optimally & Minimize Need for Appliance Repairs in San Antonio, TX

When the winter starts, many people choose to bake extra goodies as well as make food to keep in the refrigerator to heat up later. With all the big holiday parties underway, leftovers seem to be in abundance. Your fridge will be overused and over-packed during this season. If you want a nice clean refrigerator to pack in your leftover turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes and other holiday foods; then make sure that it is nice and clean.

Southwest Appliance Repair Lists the Best Way to Clean Your Refrigerator & Get It Ready For Holiday Leftovers

Remove Perishables from Refrigerator: The first step to clean out the refrigerator is to get all your foods out of the fridge. Have a trash can close by so that you can get rid of those leftovers you forgot about. You can also check dates on some of the condiments that are surely past their use by date. You may want to have a backup refrigerator or a cooler on hand so that your food that you want to keep does not go bad while you get through the cleaning process. This is also a great time to clear out space from items that you are not wanting to keep.
Remove Fridge Shelves & Drawers: The next step when cleaning your fridge out thoroughly is to get the shelves and drawers out that you can remove. They need to be taken out of the fridge and set in a safe place where they will not be broken. Many of the shelves are made from glass that can be broken if they are dropped on the ground. While they are out of the fridge you can take the time to soak them and clean them with a sponge and dish soap. Once they are cleaned well you can set them out to dry on the counter while you take care of the rest of the fridge.
Get Your Cleaning Supplies Ready: This is a step that is extremely important so that you can get the job done quickly and save as much energy as possible while at it. You don’t want to continue to leave the door hanging open while you grab a rag, or soap or any other supplies you may need. Get together your supplies in advance so you are ready to go. You want to have gloves if you have sensitive skin, a bucket that is full of warm water and soap. Get a good clean rag that is soft enough to not scratch the surface of the fridge. Also have a towel in hand that can be used to help dry off the interior of the refrigerator.
Clean The Inside of the Fridge: Now it is time to clean the inside of the refrigerator. Now that you have that tools lined up and ready to go, open the fridge and start from top to bottom. You can wash down the walls, shelves and other rails that may have any debris on them. Also clean the door shelves as well. Once you are cleaned make sure that you wipe it down with the towel to dry it the best you can.
Now you can load the shelves drawers and food back in the fridge and you are ready for those holiday leftovers to go inside!


It’s also a good idea to clean the condenser coils twice a year; and more often if you have pets. Simply remove the grill by unsnapping it at the bottom of the refrigerator. If your coils are located on the back, you’ll have to roll the fridge out to access them. Clean the coils with a coil cleaning brush and vacuum. This will make it so the compressor doesn’t have to work as hard or long. Your fridge will now use less energy and lengthen the life of your fridge. Contact Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio for all your refrigerator and other major appliance repair needs.

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