Hard, Scratchy Bath Towels After Running Through Washing Machine & Dryer in San Antonio, TX?

There is something about taking a nice hot shower and covering up with a soft and plush towel. The problem is that unless you are buying new towels all the time and throwing out the old ones your shower will not be as great. That is because the towels will start to be scratchy and lose their soft and comfortable feeling. Some people think that it is just a way of life and there is nothing that you can do about it. The interesting thing is that you can extend the soft life of your towels by making a few changes in how you wash and dry them. The washer and dryer in your home is not the reason that your towels are scratchy but how you are using them.

Southwest Appliance Repair Of San Antonio Explains What Causes Towels to Become Scratchy After Washing & Drying

How Much Washing Detergent to Use?: You might think that washing your towels needs to have a lot of soap. They are used to clean up after a shower and they are large and left in a pile. The problem is that when you use too much soap you are over-saturating them and that is going to cause them to be less absorbent. That means when you are trying to dry off, the towel will not feel plush at all. The towel will also be stiffer and that will make it less appealing to use. You want to cut down on the amount of detergent that you use when you are running a load of towels to as little as half.
What Temperature to Wash Towels?: The washing machine is set with dials that allow you to set the size of the load, the heaviness of the load and also the temperature of the water. There are levels from cold all the way to hot. When you wash white towels you can use hot water to keep the color nice and bright but that is not a great idea for colored towels. Some people think this will help to sanitize the towels but it is just fading them faster. The more faded the towel is the less plush there will be left.
Best Way to Dry Bath Towels: One thing that people do is to drop a wet towel in the basket or hamper for a few days until they run a load of laundry. The problem is that the towels are left warm and moist which is the perfect atmosphere for mold to start growing. This can damage the towels so it is best to lay them out to dry before you take them through the wash. It is also a good idea to use them more than once in between washing to keep them nice and fluffy as well.


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