How to Fix & Repair a Dryer that Won’t Start, Has No Heat or Is Not Working in Boerne, TX

The washing machine and the dryer is something that is used on a regular basis in most homes. It is used to clean all the laundry in your home from clothes that you wear to bedding and towels. Before washers and dryers were available people had to use a bucket of water and some detergent to hand wash their items. Then you had to hang each piece on a clothesline to allow it time to dry out in the weather. The bad thing is that if you have any adverse weather then laundry is on hold. Now you can run a load of laundry in less than an hour and have a fluffy dry batch to follow. You can do this any time of the day or night and the weather is no factor at all. When you start to have problems with your dryer it is important to have it inspected as well as repaired as soon as possible.

Southwest Appliance Repair Of San Antonio Lists Common Problems With Your Dryer

Dryer Making Vibrating Noise: If you load the clothes in the dryer and you notice that it is vibrating more than it might on a normal basis there could be a problem. If the dryer is also making noise then the problem could be multiple issues. The first problem that causes this is called user error. When you go to load the dryer and you just throw everything in without any thought you might be overloading the dryer. If you overload the dryer it will not be able to fluff and rotate the drum properly. This can lead to noise that you don’t want to hear. You can go over and remove some of the items to correct it. If that does not work the other likely source is the drum seal. This can be repaired by a professional appliance repair company.
Dryer Has No Heat: When you go to load some clothes in the dryer and set the temperature and time that is needed you expect to come back to dry clothes. If you open the dryer and the clothes are still wet the most likely cause is that the dryer did not get hot. If there is not hot air in the dryer it will not get the clothes dry. There are some problems that occur when this happens that need to be addressed. The first problem could be from a blocked vent. That is why you need to be sure to clear the lint trap after each load. The next problem could be with the heating element of the dryer as well. The element could have gone out and need to be replaced in order for the dryer to heat up. This can be done by a professional instead of having to replace the entire unit.


If you have any problems with your dryer it is important to call out a professional that has experience in repairing appliances. Southwest Appliance Repair Of San Antonio can meet all your appliance repair needs. Contact us today.

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