Is Your Gas Water Heater, Ranch or Furnace Appliances Releasing Carbon Monoxide in Seguin, TX?

When your home is built they are outfitted with smoke detectors that are part of the building code requirements. You know that if your smoke alarm is going off you need to get out of the house and find a safe place to wait for the fire department. When it comes to carbon monoxide there is no required alarm but there should be. There are just as many sources of a potential carbon monoxide leak as a fire hazard in your house. The problem is that it is an odorless and colorless gas so it is impossible to know you have a leak and where it might be coming from. It is best to go out and have a carbon monoxide detector installed but also to know what sources might be giving off this potentially lethal gas. The fact is that the appliances that are in your home are the main sources.

Southwest Appliance Repair Of San Antonio Lists What Appliances Might Give Off Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

Gas Water Heater: The way that we are able to have a comfortable shower or wash white clothes or get your dishes clean is partially due to the water heater. It takes a tank full of water and will heat the water to a level that is set by the thermostat. The water heater can be electric but if the water heater is gas it has the potential to leak carbon monoxide. There may be a crack in the unit or a break in the seal that is sending the gas through. This can lead to a leak that can be dangerous to you and your family. You want to be sure that you have your water heater repaired and inspected for any potential damage on a regular basis.
Oven Range: When you are ready to make dinner most people grab out a pot or pan and start cooking on the stovetop. The burners of your range can be electric or gas. The pilot light will ignite a small amount of gas and start burning a flame so that you can cook your dinner. The stovetop and range are a huge part of your kitchen but they can be a problem. They are another appliance that has the potential to leak gas that will lead to carbon monoxide. If the range is the culprit it is important to have it repaired or replaced by a professional. The installation is extremely important to ensure that the connections are done properly and sealed.
Furnace: The other appliance that is most commonly the problem when there is a leak is the furnace. The furnace is working non-stop all winter long and even into the spring weather. There are several connections that need to be sealed properly and if there is any damage to them they can leak gas. Be sure that you have your heater checked before you start using it and even at the end of the season to ensure that there is not damage that needs to be repaired.


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