Microwave Oven Not Heating, Won’t Turn On, No Power or Stopped Working in Sequin, TX?

The microwave oven is one of the most used appliances in the majority of homes in the United States. It quickly and conveniently heats up a number of food and beverages to make cooking that much simpler. When the microwave becomes unusable, it can be a major inconvenience to day to day life. Where the microwave oven can be a tricky appliance to repair, there are several issues common to the microwave oven, that you can repair yourself without a professional service. However, if you are ever uncomfortable with the troubleshooting options, contact a professional to avoid injury or damage.

Microwave Oven Troubleshooting Guide

Below, we at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to share some of the different issues you can often resolve on your own.
Abnormal Sounds from Microwave: The microwave starts making loud and unusual noises when it begins operation, it can indicate an assortment of issues. Check your manual so you can inspect the drive motor, roller guide, high voltage diode, magnetron, drive coupler, and cooling fan; as you these things are the likely suspects.
Microwave Door Will Not Efficiently Close: The microwave will not start if the door cannot close. The door latch assembly may need the repairs or the torsion spring might need to be replaced. If you are uncertain about either of these, your manual can lead you in the right direction.
Microwave Door is Stuck Closed: The door latch lever or the button on the microwave is the likely culprit when the door will not open. Check your manual to test and replace the latch assembly for your microwave.
Exhaust Fan Not Functioning: More often than not when the exhaust fan has ceased functioning, a simple charcoal filter or grease filter needs replacing. Your microwave’s manual can point you in the right direction.
Microwave Won’t Produce Heat: Inspect the high voltage diode, the door switch, and the magnetron in the event the microwave is not heating.
Microwave is Sparking: The internal cavity, high voltage diode, and the stirrer assembly could be producing the sparks.
Microwave Tray Won’t Spin: A microwave tray that does not spin is usually pointing to a problem with the couple, roller guide, or drive motor. In many cases when it is the roller guide, food debris is obstructing the path.
Touchpad is Inoperable: This is often more complex, but depending on the problem, the touchpad is faulty due to the control board or the membrane switch. In any case, you will have to start by looking over manual.
Microwave Won’t Shut Off: The smart board could by why the microwave won’t shut off or even something simpler like door interlock switch, check the manual for more information.
Microwave Won’t Turn On: Inspect the door switch, thermal fuse, ceramic fuse, and door latch assembly to help you learn why the microwave won’t shut off to see if there is an easy fix.


Because each model microwave is different, it can be difficult to pin point the problem and give specifics. Whenever an issue arises, the first thing to do is check the manual and see if the fix is simple. If you find the repair is more complex, call in the experts of Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio and we can quickly diagnose the problem of your microwave and recommend repairs or even a replacement.

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