Troubleshooting Common Appliance Problems Such as Garbage Disposal Not Working in New Braunfels, TX

The appliances in our home are often used daily. Without these appliances operating at their full potential, the day is completely thrown off and does not run smoothly. In many cases, the appliance experiences common dilemmas that most homeowners can easily fix without the help of a professional. With that in mind, we at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to share solutions for the common problems in our appliances.

Garbage Disposal Not Working or Won’t Turn On

A frequent experience many of us has had the pleasure, is when the garbage disposal randomly shuts off in the middle of operation. More often than not, you overextended the capability of the garbage disposal and it overheated, especially if you used hot water while rinsing. Typically, the garbage disposal shuts off as a safety measure and after you have left it to cool, you can press the reset button underneath the sink and it will turn back on. Be sure the switch is off before resetting for safety sake. In the event that once it comes back on and the blades do not spin, but you hear the motor humming, an object is likely lodged in the blades and will need to be removed. Be sure the garbage disposal is off and free the blades from the debris; it may require the use of a special garbage disposal wrench to work the debris free from the blades.

Refrigerator Condenser Coil Problems

If the refrigerator is not producing cool air, or it is not working at all, check the coils first. Professionals will check them first once they arrive. Coils blanketed with dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris cannot function properly and eventually the coils will heat up, causing the shutdown of the refrigerator. Use a brush approved for cleaning the refrigerator coils and thoroughly clean them off. A vacuum with an upholstery attachment can also do the job well. The coils are either behind the fridge are underneath it, but still accessible. Be sure to routinely clean the coils to avoid the refrigerator from shutting down again. Generally, once the coils are clean, the fridge will reset and cool off.

Gas Stove Pilot Light Ignition Issues

When the pilot light won’t cooperate, the culprit is typically food buildup, such as spaghetti sauce that boiled over and wasn’t adequately cleaned. Use some muscle and approved cleaners to scrub the crust away, especially away from the igniter.

Washing Machine Shaking & Moving

The washing machine rocking, producing the loud noises needs only a readjustment of its legs to make it level. If the noise continues, the load could be uneven as some laundry is piled up on one side of the machine. Ensure when you load the washer, you even out the volume of laundry.

Dryer Won’t Dry Clothes

The dryer that takes more than one cycle to dry the load could be a setting error. Make certain that it is not set to “fluff air”. If that is not the issue, the lint buildup is likely cause. Always clean the lint trap after every use. Every so often, an invisible residue from chemicals builds up. To avoid the barrier, clean the lint trap once a month in warm soapy water and make certain it is completely dry before you use it. If the issue continues, the vent is likely to have obstructions and will need to be cleared out. Professionals often offer a vent cleaning to help homeowners remedy the situation quickly and efficiently.


If the simple fixes are not adequate, call in the experts of Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio and let our specialists diagnose and repair the issues in your appliances.

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