No Power, Temperature Not Cooling, Loud Noises or Refrigerator Compressor Problems in Allen TX? Call Southwest Appliance Repair for Solutions!

Your refrigerator provides many wonderful luxuries to you and your family. From cooling a refreshing beverage to watch the game with, chilling your favorite dessert and storing holiday leftovers in; your fridge is considered a valuable and relied upon member of the family. One of the worst inconveniences to experience is opening up your fridge to find curded milk, melting cheese and wilted lettuce due to a faulty fried that no longer keeps your food crisp and chilled. An improperly working refrigerator can be frustrating to deal with, especially if you have no idea where to begin when trying to find out exactly what has gone wrong.

Power to your Fridge

There are many different reasons why a refrigerator may fail to work properly and keep your food at the desired set temperature. The very first part of your refrigerator to check if it has failed to work properly is its power source. You must make sure that your fridge is in fact receiving power. A faulty electrical outlet could be the reason your fridge failed to cool properly and rather than replacing your fridge, you need to be contact your electrician to fix your outlet, so make sure that your fridge is first receiving power.

Fridge Temperature & Refrigerator Compressor Problems

One common complaint that home owners have when it comes to their refrigerator is that it is not cooling their food as much as they would like. No one wants to eat their cookies with a glass of Luke warm milk, or sit down to watch the big game with a room temperature beer. The temperature of your fridge can be affected by a few different factors. It is important to check your thermostat first, to make sure it has not been accidentally adjusted to a warmer temperature that what you usually have it set to. Next, you should check to see if your refrigerator’s compressor is running. A compressor on a refrigerator usually makes a quiet humming noise and is located in the back of the refrigerator. If the compressor has stopped running, then you will want to contact a professional immediately to come in a repair your fridge.

Refrigerator; Loud Humming & Buzzing Noises

One of the best signs that your refrigerator will give when it is on its way out or in need of repair is noise. While a quiet hum is totally normal to hear coming from your refrigerator, new noisy sounds are not normal and usually indicate that there is a problem and some part or area of your refrigerator is not working properly. The best way to get your refrigerator working its best is to contact Southwest Appliance Repair Service. Southwest Appliance Repair Service is skilled and experienced in repairing refrigerators and making sure your food and beverages are cooled to your liking.

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