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Every home has a water heater that is used to store and heat water that will be used throughout the entire home. The water heater is usually found in the basement or in the garage. The appliance is not thought about too much. You just turn the faucet to hot and expect it be so. The water heater works all the time and generally, each time you use some of the heated water the unit will fill up the missing water and heat it again. There is a dial on the water heater that determines the temperature of the water that is in the actual tank and also determines the amount of hot water that is at your disposal. When you think about all the ways that you use hot water you might realize how much you may be taking it for granted. When you think of all the times you wash your hands in warm water, fill up a pot for dinner, wash a load of laundry or take a hot shower, you start to realize some of the ways that the water heater enriches your life.

Southwest Appliance Repair has a what to watch for and what can happen if your water heater starts to leak.

What Happens if Your Water Heater Breaks & Floods your Basement, Garage & Home

If you have never experienced coming home to a flood in your basement, garage and home, you have never enjoyed a water heater that has broken on you. Water heaters tend to have a life span of up to 10 years, but that is with good care and regular maintenance. Most of the time the water heater will malfunction and because most water heaters are the standard tank style, all the water that is being heated in the tank has to go somewhere. That is usually your home. The valve on the water heater or the gasket that stops the flow of water is the culprit but it can be something even worse that would require you to replace the entire appliance.

How do I Know if my Water Heater is About to Break

One of the biggest ways that you can tell that your water heater is about to go out is by the noise that you hear. The water heater is made to be quiet and you usually can only hear a light hum if any noise at all. Most people say that they were hearing rumbling or a loud knocking coming from the water heater just before it went out. If you are hearing noise, call Southwest Appliance Repair to repair it before it leads to replacement. Another way is if you notice small amounts of water near the water heater. That could be a sign that it is starting to go out and you will have a much bigger water leak soon if left unattended.

If you are hearing noises or seeing water dripping from your water heater, or need any other appliance repairs, call Southwest Appliance Repair today and let us come out and repair or replace it for you in CEDAR PARK, AUSTIN, ROUND ROCK, GEORGETOWN, FRISCO, ALLEN, PLANO, SAN ANTONIO AND DALLAS TEXAS.

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