Range Not Working in New Braunfels, TX? Electric Oven & Stove Top Burner Troubleshooting

Problems with electric stoves can impede progress on your cooking abilities. Maintaining your electric stove is ideal to prevent many issues from occurring, but even well maintained electric stoves can need troubleshooting from time to time. If you can diagnose the issue at hand, there is a fair possibility you can repair it, or at the very least call for professional assistance. Below we at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to discuss the troubleshooting for these most common electric stove problems.

Electric Oven & Stove Top Burner Troubleshooting

1) Electric stove’s coils wont heat up. You likely have an entirely different problem if some coils or the lights on your stove aren’t functioning properly as opposed to when nothing seems to work at all. First check to see if the internal ignition switch is faulty, if you are unsure where to locate it, check your manual. If that doesn’t to be the culprit, the coil itself may have lost connection after becoming loose. If it is a simple plug in coil, check the connection and ensure it is snuggly plugged in. Another cause may be an obstruction between the coil element and the stove; simply remove any known debris. A first time use of the burner that refuses to heat up may be that the element used isn’t correct. If none of the above resolves the problem, the burner is probably damaged, even if there are no visible signs of trauma. If you have dropped a heavy object on the burner, or it made contact with something cold while it was hot, damage could have occurred. In any case, a professional would need to be summoned for repair.
2) Electric stove lost power. It would be a fair assumption that the unit is not getting electricity if you are unable to turn the electric stove on. Your first step is ensuring everything is tightly plugged in and ensuring your outlet is not defective. If everything checks out, check to see if you have blown a fuse, tripped the circuit breaker, or even severed the cable. If all of these problems show to not be the reason the stove is not getting power, contact a professional for assistance.
3) Electric stove’s indicator light won’t turn on. Inspect the control switch. If that seems up to par, then a burned-out bulb is why the small lights that show when your burners are still hot or turned on. A licensed professional can easily make the adjustments.
4) Electric stoves burner temperature won’t adjust. A faulty internal ignition switch is the most likely cause if one of your burners gets too hot and stays the same regardless of the selected knob setting. Though this issue is frustrating and inconvenient, you will need to turn the stove off and call a professional for repair.
5) Coils seem loose when makes contact with pots and pans. This often occurs when if the tray underneath the coils isn’t the right fit. Trays not only catch food that leaks before hitting the stove, but it helps to secure the coil. It may wiggle to a simple touch if it is not the right size and will need a simple replacement.
6) When turned on, the electric stove produces sparks. Many factors could have damaged the element, such as compatibility issues, excess temperatures or excessive weight, which produces the risky sparks. Additional reasons may be the wire connections are loose. In any case it is related to the coil or the element and requires professional expertise.


When your electric stove is need of a professional expert, contact the pros of Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio for assistance.

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