Refrigerator Problems & Solutions in Seguin, TX; Not Cooling, Keeps Running, Freezing Food & More

Millions of Americans across the nation rely on their refrigerators to keep food cold. As far as appliances go, refrigerators are pretty dependable, but when they do malfunction, the food inside can go bad very quickly. If you are having issues with your refrigerator, don’t despair, even if your fridge is more than a few years old it is possible to take care of some of the simple problems and extend the lifespan of your refrigerator with a few troubleshooting tips from the knowledgeable experts at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio.

My Refrigerator Keeps Running & Does Not Turn Off

You refrigerator runs constantly when it is unable to keep cool enough. This happens when the door does not close properly, such as when the seal is damaged or something is blocking the flow of cold air. Other considerations include the refrigerant being too low which will stop your refrigerator from reaching the low temperature on the cold control dial setting. You will need to schedule an appointment with the experts at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio to test your refrigerant levels.

My Refrigerator Is Not Getting Cold

If your refrigerator is not getting cold enough and you open the door only to feel warm air, begin with the obvious and check to make sure that the power is plugged in. If that is an affirmative, you can try adjusting the thermostat, unblocking the air vents to make sure your fridge is receiving adequate air flow along with vacuuming the coils to help your refrigerator perform at optimal levels. If you are still experiencing insufficient temperatures, you may have a broken evaporator or condenser fan that will require professional repair from your Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio technician.

Refrigerator Freezing Food

While items not getting cold enough is certainly an issue, equally frustrating is when the temperature in your fridge drops too low causing food to freeze. The most likely culprit is a defective temperature control thermostat. You can test this at home by turning the knob to the highest setting and listening for it to click. If you hear a click, the problem is not in the thermostat. Instead it may be your thermistor. To ensure that your thermistor is working correctly, schedule an appointment with your Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio expert.

Frost Buildup in Freezer

Freezers, particularly older freezers tend to build up large amounts of frost. If you are experiencing abnormally large amounts of frost build up, check that your door seal isn’t cracked or damaged which could allow warm air to enter. This is the most common culprit for frost building up in the freezer. If that’s not the issue, the problem could be in the refrigerator defrost sensor which will require professional repair.


For more information regarding refrigerator troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair, contact the knowledgeable experts at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio today.

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