Repair or Replace Appliances in San Antonio, TX; Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Clothes Dryer, Air Conditioner & More

Repair or replace are the common decisions when facing an obstinate appliance. When deliberating repair the following should be taken into account:
Age of the appliance. Age determines parts availability. Some parts items are no longer available, period. The inventory of available parts has been consumed and used up. An experienced repair technician might know of a suitable substitute, but modifications can be labor intensive and/or unreliable. Another consideration is though older appliances were better built than more modern replacements, the replacement is usually much more power efficient. If the appliance is over 10 years old, parts replacement may be problematic and the typical appliance is reaching the end of its life span, plus power consumption efficiency is dismal at best.
Cost of replacement appliance. If the repair is a goodly sum, approaching the replacement cost, the wise decision is to replace. Is the operational failure due to wear and tear and symptomatic of future failures, or does it concern a part that operates under severe conditions and failure is common. Remember if it is mechanical it wears and will ultimately fail.
Local labor costs to fix appliance. The typical costs for appliance repair, including labor run about $106.00 – $236.00, with the average of about $170.00 nationwide. Typical appliance repair is about $70.00/hour. For a $300.00 microwave over 2 – 3 years old, will repair be cost effective or replacement.
Major appliances are the prime candidates for repair. Washers, driers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and water heaters. Not all appliance repair companies service air conditioners, these are household appliances, but in many jurisdictions require specialized certifications for AC techs.
The above listed points assume that the product is out of warranty and all expenses will be born by the owner. Failed items under warranty should of course be addressed by a qualified technician. Out of pocket expenses should be limited to the deductible and the warranty should cover the rest.

Hiring Appliance Repairmen

In most cases major appliance service is cost effective and will extend the life of appliances. A good technician can save you considerable headache and expense and the work itself is usually warranted. Most technicians are multi-talented repairman having knowledge of a vast array of machinery with various manufacturers and a multiplicity of models, all with their own inimitable foibles. Many are service oriented and take pride in their unique skill set.


A few maintenance tips for the owner: dusty, dirty environments tend to accumulate material in the coils of a fridge or freezer. Blowing out the coils can extend the lifespan of any refrigerated appliance, including air conditioners. Another of owner neglect is changing the water filters for the ice maker and water distribution. For dryers pull and clean the lint screen between every load. Lint that bypasses the screen can accumulate inside the dryer and duct work. Many survivalists and campers keep a small supply of lint as a fire starter, something to be avoided in your dryer or household duct work. When emptying a washing machine creates a burst of high pressure from the discharge hose, make sure that this hose is secured to prevent blow out onto the floor. And hire a professional appliance repair company like Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio for all your appliance repair needs.

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