How to Remove Lint from Washing Machines in San Antonio, TX; Appliance Maintenance & Cleaning Lint Catcher, Filter or Trap

When you go in the laundry room to swap a load of clean, wet washing over to the dryer you probably have a routine that includes taking out the lint trap and removing the debris. This is so that the dryer is able to function more efficiently. It also allows the clothes to dry faster since the heated air is able to pass without being hindered. The trap has to be cleaned out often as well as the dryer vent for many reasons that also include preventing a potential fire. A lint trap is not only found on your dryer but also on your washing machine as well. It is just as important to clean the lint trap on the washing machine!

Southwest Appliance Repair Of San Antonio Explains Where Your Washing Machine Lint Trap Is & Why It Needs To Be Cleaned

Where Is The Lint Trap On A Washing Machine: If you want to keep your washing machine in top working order you need to keep it clean. One of the ways to do that is to clear out the lint trap. The lint trap can become full of lint and that will leave small lint pieces of your clothes as it comes out of the washing machine. It will cause the clothes to not look as clean so you want to be sure it is cleared out. When the trap becomes full the lint has nowhere else to go except for on the clothes. You can check the guide for your particular washing machine for ways to find the lint trap. Most people don’t actually keep the owner’s manual for their appliances so there are some areas you can check. There can often times be a mesh lint trap around the top edge of the drum. You can take you finger and slide it around the rim to feel for a trap. Some of the units have the lint trap in the center of the agitator. That is the piece that pulsates back and forth. Another common area that a lint trap is found is at the end of the hose. This will be a small mesh screen that needs to be cleared out. No matter what kind of trap you are dealing with you need to know where it is so you can clean them.
How to Clean The Lint Catcher, Filter or Trap On Your Washing Machine: When you find your lint trap you need to know how to clean it out. It is not the same as the dryer lint trap because the lint is wet. It cannot simply be picked off easily. Many times you will need to take the mesh trap and soak it then use a soft brush to wipe away the debris that is stuck. If you notice that the debris cannot be removed or the trap is damaged you can replace it with a new one.


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