Tips for Keeping a Refrigerator in a Hot Garage During the Summer in San Antonio, TX; Keep Fridge Full, Ensure Correct Power to Appliance & More

It can be handy to have an extra fridge out in the garage when you have a get together. It can be used to hold extra drinks, food trays, extra ice and thawing a turkey for thanksgiving dinner will be easier too! The downfall with a refrigerator in the garage is that most of the time it sits empty and not doing much of anything other than waste energy, not to mention money. The hot temperatures will put the refrigerator under stress and force the motor to run continuously in a garage that gets well over 110 degrees. If the motor burns out, you’ll have spoiled food to deal with.

Tips on Keeping a Refrigerator in the Garage During Hot Summer Months

If you really want to have a fridge in the garage there are things you can do to make it run more efficiently.
1. Keep the refrigerator full. Ambient temperatures will be at battle with the refrigerator in a hot garage to keep food cold. If it’s well stocked it will help this problem. If you don’t have food to fill it with consider using gallons of water. Not only will the water stay nice and cold, they will help keep the temperature constant whenever the door is opened on hot days. When a refrigerator is empty, warm air will rush in and the cold air will rush out each and every time the door is opened. Gallons of water in the fridge will leave less room for the warm air to come in and will keep the air inside at appropriate temperatures faster once the door is closed.
2. Power to the refrigerator. Proper hookups are guaranteed in kitchens that are wired for refrigerators, garages are not. Make sure the refrigerator has a 115 volt, 60Hz, AC-only electrical outlet. If the refrigerator isn’t equipped with this, it won’t get enough power and won’t be able to run correctly which will lead to further damage, with added strain to the condenser and therefore can’t produce enough cold air. If you’re not sure about the hookup you have, ask an electrician.
3. Moderate temperatures. Refrigerators should be put in rooms where the temperature will stay between 60 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to have a refrigerator in a warm garage, then you can try and keep the temperature low. Check the doors and window for leaks and add weather stripping if needed, to keep as much heat out as possible.
4. Watch what you put in refrigerators. Operational failure is more likely when you put a refrigerator in a hot garage. The best items to store in these refrigerators are drinks, pantry goods and other items that won’t spoil should the refrigerator fail.

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When you buy a new fridge, it’s the old one that ends up in the garage. This older fridge doesn’t have all the new energy features that the new one does and will waste energy. If you really want to keep the second fridge out in the garage, consider unplugging it in the off-season when you don’t have a ton of family coming and going. Contact Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio if you have issues with your refrigerator.

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