How Long Does a Washing Machine & Dryer Last on Average in San Antonio, TX? How to Extend the Life of Your Appliance

Your washer and dryer are important appliances that are often taken for granted. If either appliance fails to operate, you quickly realize how much you depend on these appliances. Larger families don’t realize the nearly daily use the washer and dryer have. But being that these appliances are frequently used, they are often the first to experience wear and tear. Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to offer some tips on how you can extend the life of your washer and dryer and minimize the need for repairs.

Washing Machine & Dryer Appliance Care Tips – Before and After Every Use

For your washer:
– The washer should always be leveled and well grounded; before using make sure it doesn’t wobble.
– For every size load, make certain you are using the appropriate amounts of detergents. If you are uncertain of the amount, consult your manufacturer’s manual to ensure you are not using too much or too little detergent.
– Do not leave loads damp from a cycle for over long periods of time as this can contribute to mildew and mold. Immediately transfer your load of laundry to the dryer after the completion of each cycle, and monitor the thoroughness of the dryer’s efficiency.
– After each use, wipe down access moisture from door and gaskets. If the door is on top, leave the door open to increase air circulation.
For your dryer:
– To ensure the lint trap is cleared of lint, clean out the dryer’s lint trap before and after every load to enable high performance and avoid clogs.
– Wipe down surface areas of the dryer to clear away the lint that may have landed there.

Monthly Washer & Dryer Maintenance

– Evaluate the condition of the exhaust duct. Adjust any crimps, unnecessary bends, and clogs.
– Inspect your washer’s hoses for bulges, loose gaskets, cracks and leaks. If any are present, replace the hose before catastrophe strikes. If a hose bursts, hundreds of gallons of water will flood and create damage to possessions and structure. Generally, hoses need to be replaced every five years. But if you notice any damage or irregularities during your inspection, get it replaced as soon as possible. If gaskets are loose, take the time to tighten them.
– Wash the rubber gaskets and drums found in both appliances with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar.
– On front- loading washing machines, clean drain pipe filter.

Quarterly Washing Machine & Dryer Maintenance

– Clean the dryer lint filter with detergent and warm water to clean the nearly invisible fine chemical residue that builds up and increase air flow capability. Be sure it is completely dry before replacing it and using the dryer.

Yearly Washer & Dryer Maintenance

– The exterior exhaust duct line will accumulate lint and debris, causing clogs and poor efficiency of your dryer. Additionally, clogged ducts are a primary source of home fires and you can minimize the risk by cleaning the exhaust duct line out at least once a year (twice a year is recommended if the dryer is used frequently in larger member families). If you notice the dryer needing two or three cycles to dry a load, the likely cause is due to an obstruction in the line. Simply cleaning it out will give your dryers quality efficiency back.

Final Washer & Dryer Care Tips

– If your exhaust ducts are engineered out of vinyl, replace with metal ductwork to reduce the chance of fires.
– If your washer’s hoses are constructed of rubber, replace them with braided-metal mesh hoses. They are far more durable and the chances of bursting are slim to none.
– If you notice nicks and scratches on the surface areas of your appliances, touch them up with paint to avoid rusting.


If your washer or dryer should experience any difficulty, contact Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio today and let our experts get your appliances up to par.

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