Top & Front Loading Washing Machine & Clothes Dryer Appliances Preventive Maintenance Tips in San Antonio, TX

Your home’s washing machine and dryer are one of the few appliances it is difficult to get by without, especially with larger families where laundry is a never ending crusade. Taking the right care to ensure it operates at peak performance is essential to maintain the durability and longevity of those appliances, as well as to better control the energy consumption. Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to relate some maintenance and cleaning tips to keep them running smoothly.

Top & Front Loading Washing Machine Preventive Maintenance Tips for Before & After Each Load

1. On washers featuring a top loader, keep the door open to permit proper circulation and prevent mold from growing. Be sure to wipe down and dry the door on both top and front loaders as well as the gaskets.
2. Inspect the washing machine to make sure it is leveled and securely footed to avoid the rattling and shaking that can cause early wear and tear.
3. Be sure to consult with the washing machine manual to know the proper types and amounts of detergents, as some brands and engineered detergent products can inflict damage on the washing machine appliance.
4. Avoid allowing loads to sit in the washer after they have been cycled. Leaving them wet and compacted can create mold and mildew from rooting onto the fabrics. Immediately transfer them into the dryer when the cycle is completed.

Dryer Preventative Maintenance Tips

1. Always clear the lint and debris from the lint filter. A buildup will prevent the dryer from operating at maximum efficiency.
2. Wipe down the interior and exterior to remove any stray lint and debris.
3. Avoid over filling the dryer. If it can’t dry in a single cycle it is too large, and the strain can increase can cause additional wear and tear as well as increase energy consumption.

Monthly Washing Machine Maintenance

1. Perform an inspection check. Fittings need to be tight, check for any bulges, leaks, or cracks on the washing machine’s hoses. Hoses should be replaced every 5 years. A burst hose can potentially flood your home with literally hundreds of gallons of water causing excessive damage that require costly repairs.
2. Rubber gaskets and drums should be cleaned with equal parts of vinegar and water solution.
3. Drain pump filters on front loading washers should be checked and clean. Consult the manual if you are unfamiliar with this component and where it is.

Monthly Maintenance for Clothes Dryers

1. Perform an inspection on the dryer and search for crimps, obstructions, and kinks in the exhaust ducts.
2. For any rubber gaskets and drums found in the dryer, clean with the equal part water and vinegar formula.

Quarterly Maintenance for Washers & Dryers

1. Perform a cycle with an empty load and 2 cups of water to help clean out the interior of the washing machine and drain system.
1. Wash the lint trap/filter with detergent to thoroughly remove the invisible chemical residue that can be restricting proper airflow. Be sure to allow it to air dry thoroughly before putting back and using the dryer.
Annual Maintenance
1. The entire exhaust duct line that feeds from the dryer to the exterior needs to meticulously cleaned and cleared obstructions. Clogged ducts can easily ignite a fire which can cause property damage, fatalities and injuries.

Additional Washer & Dryer Appliance Tips

1. With exhaust ducts engineered with metal ductwork replace them with vinyl to reduce the potential fire hazards.
2. Rubber washing machine hoses should be replaced with metal breaded hoses to reduce bursting.
3. Touchup the paint on the exterior of the washing machine and dryer to avoid rusting.

Washing Machine & Dryer Appliance Repair Services in San Antonio, Texas

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