Troubleshooting Gas Range Ovens & Stove Tops in San Antonio, TX; Igniter Pilot Light, Safety Valves & More

Are you having a problem with your gas oven and stove? Many people will find themselves struggling with their gas oven and stove top range quite often. Before you call Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio, we have a few suggestions that may fix your gas oven without accumulating a bill. Know that gas ovens operate by having gas flow in. The pilot stays lit, and a knob controls the flow of gas to the burner, lighting it when turned on. As easy as this may seem, sometimes gas stoves fail to light. Before having to call for oven repair, there are things that appliance owners can try first to light the oven.

Check the Gas Flow to Range

Start by checking all the burners and the oven to help determine the source of the problem. If they both don’t work, the problem is that the gas isn’t going into your oven. If the problem is limited to one burner or only the oven, then a disruption in the gas line leading to that burner could be the culprit. You could also have an element problem. If none of the elements turn on, check the gas supply and be sure something hasn’t happened to stop the flow of gas. If the flow can be restored, then relight the pilots and the appliance should work properly.

Inspect & Troubleshoot the Stove Tops & Oven

If gas flow isn’t the problem there are still other avenues to check. Do an inspection and more of a sniff test. If there is an odor of gas without any of the burners turned on, there might be a gas leak. If this is not the case, the burner might be clogged. Check to see if the pilot serving that burner is lit. If the pilot is lit but the burner is not, inspect the ignition tube since it may be clogged. If the problem is only with the oven, open the broiler and pull out the broiler drawer. Cover the plate and flame extender according to the oven’s instruction manual. Using a flashlight, inspect the ignition system and look for either a pilot light or a filament that glows red when the oven is working. If you don’t see any light, call your appliance repairman.

Final Range Troubleshooting Tests

Here are some of the final tests you can do. After going through this process of elimination and you are still experiencing problems, it might be time to give Southwest Appliance Repairs of San Antonio a call!
Stove Top Burners – Check the burners by relighting the pilot feeding the burner tubes. Then try lighting the burners. If the burners don’t light there is a high chance of a blockage. Clean out the burner tubes and make sure the gas can freely travel through the path ways. Then try relighting the burners.
Oven Pilot Light Ignniter – Next, try to light the oven pilot that is feeding the oven’s burner. Hold a match to the pilot flame aperture for about ten seconds. If the pilot doesn’t remain lit there is most likely a problem with the thermocouple.
Oven Burner – If you were able to light the oven pilot, the oven burner should ignite. You then should see a flame all around the burner. If the burner doesn’t light up, you mostly likely have a problem with the burners itself. You will need to replace the burners.

Oven, Stove & Range Appliance Repair in San Antonio, Texas

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to help all our customers. Where some problems can be located yourself and fixed, there are those problem that might be beyond your ability. If you find you were able to restore your gas oven by going through these steps, we are happy to have been of help. Contact us for all your appliance repair needs!

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