Troubleshooting Common Appliance Repair Problems in San Antonio, TX; Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers, Dryers & More

Appliances are a homeowner’s biggest commodities. Their functions help a home run more smoothly and efficiently. If any of the appliances fall short, it can disrupt the daily routines and set everything back. With proper care, use, and maintenance, your appliances can last for some time, but even with diligence, some of the more common appliances used in day to day life can experience minor difficulties. With that in mind, we at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to share some of the quick fixes that hinder common appliances performance that you can do on your own.

Troubleshooting Common Appliance Repair Problems

1. Garbage Disposal. If your garbage disposal is taking on a little more than it should, or the hot water was running when you were using it, you might have noticed it will cut out in the middle of operation. More than likely, the garbage disposal merely overheated and isn’t in need of serious repair. If this happens, don’t panic, let the motor cool down, usually after an hour or so, and once the motor is cooled, hit the reset switch found underneath garbage disposal. If you notice that the blades do not spin, but still hear a hum, something has become lodged, preventing the blades from rotating. Turn the garbage disposal off, and using a special garbage disposal wrench, work the debris free from the blades.
2. Refrigerator. A common event is when the refrigerator is not cooling. When the pros arrive, the first thing checked is the coils, which is the most likely reason. With a buildup of pet hair or fur, dust, dirt, and other debris that settles on the coils, they will heat up, preventing efficient cooling, once the temperatures exceed its limit, the refrigerator will shut down. The remedy is to use a brush designed for refrigerator coils, and clean the coils thoroughly. The coils are found underneath the fridge, exposed by removing the grille or behind the fridge. Simply pull the fridge out to get to the back if that’s the case. Keeping the coils clean regularly will keep up on efficiency, and contribute to saving money on your utility bill as well as help you avoid the refrigerator from switching off. Once the coils have become clean, the fridge will cool off, and reset itself.
3. Gas Stove. The pilot light won’t cooperate; the usual suspect is a buildup of food residue, for example the spaghetti sauce that boiled over that wasn’t completely cleaned up. The quick fix is to grab the toothbrush used for cleaning around the house, and scrub away the crust that has layered over the igniter.
4. Washer. A suddenly rocking washer can be a cause of alarm initial with the unholy sounds of it thrashing around. But the solution is an easy one in most cases; make an adjustment to level out the legs. When loading the washer, be sure to fill it up evenly, rocking can also occur of one side is more filled than the other.
5. Dryer. When the load of laundry refuses to dry, even after 2 or 3 cycles, you might be concerned the dryer is about to expire. Make sure the setting is right first; sometimes the settings can be accidentally shifted. Just make sure it is not set to “fluff air“. If the settings are spot on than its likely the lint buildup. Make sure to clean out the dryer trap after every load. There are even times when there is an invisible film on the lint trap. Pour water onto it, if the water pools up, your filter needs a cleaning. Using hot water and a kitchen brush, scrub it clean and towel dry. Be sure it is thoroughly dried before using. If it persists, the vent line could be obstructed, contact a professional to clear it out.


If you are experiencing problems with your appliances that are out of your comfort zone, contact the friendly experts at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio today and let our experts get your appliances operating and full efficiency.

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