Troubleshooting Common Gas & Electric Oven Heating, Temperature & Other Problems in San Antonio, TX

The oven has taken a lot of abuse during the past holiday season. With all the cooking and baking done for Thanksgiving, religious holidays, and even New Year’s for those that indulge, the oven has been used more so than normal. With the added work load, your oven can be experiencing some common issues. With that in mind, we at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to discuss the common issues and the best solution for the problem.

Common Temperature & Other Oven Problems

1) Temperature won’t maintain. Generally, all you need to do is adjust the oven’s temperature 35 degrees hotter or cooler, be sure to consult your owner’s manual; utilize a thermometer to check on the consistency.
2) Oven door will not close. To reattach the door at the hinge, which is the likely, be sure to disassemble the door to replace the hinge. If the hinge is mounted onto the frame of the oven cavity, you will have to remove the side panel.
3) Oven will not power on. To inspect the problem, the first thing to do is a voltage check; if you are not familiar with this procedure, call a professional right away for repairs to avoid injury or further damage. When the power does not turn on, it could be a number of problems from a dab control or broil element, broken wire, or incorrect power coming and concerning a gas oven, the gas control, gas valve, gas igniter, or a broken wire could also be to blame. In any case, most situations call for professional or even a replacement.
4) Inoperable oven lights. In the scenario where the bulb burnt out, a simple replacement can remedy the process. A faulty light switch, connecting wire or electronic control can be the resulting issue if the bulb, which should be repaired by a professional.
5) Oven self-clean will not turn on. Clock failure broken wire, bad lock assembly, or door switch, many possible causes to an oven that can’t operate the self clean function; all of which requires an experienced professional; because of the complex nature.
6) Oven rack that has fallen. The repairs will often fall under your warranty or maintenance agreement and will require a professional to complete the repairs as this comes to the oven’s internal cavity deteriorating. The repairs can prove costly and if the damages are not covered, invest in a new oven would be the better option.
7) Rust in oven. As part as normal wear and tear, ovens will eventually develop rust. Materials will be eaten through with rust as it develops excessively. Rust cleaning products can slow down the progress, but inevitably, you will need a new oven wants rust sits in.
8) Old age. Depending on how much it is used and the quality of oven, an oven could last 30 years. An oven that has needed consistent repairs in the last 2-3 years should be replaced be a replaced with an upgrade. The continuing shortcomings are a red flag the oven is close to retirement, in addition to older stoves that can have difficulty finding parts.


In the situations where you need a professional for your oven repairs, call in the experts of Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio and let our professionals take care of the rest.

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