Troubleshooting Common Gas & Electric Oven Problems Such as Not Heating in San Antonio, TX

All the appliances that make the kitchen operate are all important, but more often than not, you fail to realize how much your appliances are needed when they are no longer operating at their full potential or at all. Today, we at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio would like to share some of the most common issues ovens face.

Why is the Oven Not Turning On, Heating Up or Working?

1) Self-clean will not operate. There are many possible causes to an oven that can’t operate the self clean function such as clock failure, broken wire, bad lock assembly, or door switch. Unfortunately, the complex nature of this issue requires an experienced professional.
2) Fallen rack. When it comes to the oven’s internal cavity deteriorating, the repairs will often fall under your warranty or maintenance agreement and will require a professional to complete the repairs. If the damage is not covered, the repairs can prove costly and the investment would be better off used in getting a new stove.
3) Oven rust. Ovens will eventually develop rust as part as normal wear and tear. As it develops the rust becomes more extensive, causing the materials to be eaten away. There are some rust cleaners that can impede its progress, but once rust becomes too much, replacing is necessary.
4) Old age. An oven could last 30 years or so with proper care and maintenance and depending on how much it is used and the quality of oven it is. If you have noticed the need for constant repairs in the 2-3 years, consider an upgrade. Not only will older stoves be more difficult to find parts for, but the continuing shortcomings are a red flag the oven is close to retirement.
5) Oven temperature won’t hold. You will need a thermometer to check on the consistency, but consult your owner’s manual all you need to adjust the oven’s temperature 35 degrees hotter or cooler 6) Door will no shut. Simply disassemble the door to replace the hinge and reattach the door as the hinge is the likely suspect to a faulty door. Keep in mind that you’ll have to remove the side panel if the hinge is mounted onto the frame of the oven cavity.
7) Oven won’t turn on. A voltage check is needed, but if you are not trained in electrical needs it is recommended you hire a professional as you can potentially electrocute yourself and cause serious injury or damage. A bad control, or broil element, broken wire, or incorrect power coming to the unit for an electric oven could also be the issue and concerning a gas oven, the gas control, gas valve, gas igniter, or a broken wire could also be to blame. If the oven refuses to turn on, contact a professional.
8) Oven light not working. You can replace the bulb simply burnt out. If that doesn’t rectify the situation, it could be a faulty light switch, connecting wire or electronic control which should be repaired by a pro.

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If your oven is in need of professional care, call Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio and let our experts inspect it and repair it if possible to save you the cost and hassle of premature replacement!

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