Signs Your Dishwasher is Broken or Dying & Needs Appliance Repairs in Helotes, TX

Dishwashers are a great invention and we don’t realize how much we rely on them until ours breaks down and we’re stuck doing the dishes by hand. Dishwashers save time and water and allow us to spend our time doing other more important things like spending more time with our families. The dishwasher in our home does a lot for us and in return we should appreciate it. There are some signs to look for that may be a warning that you may need a new one.

Do You Need A New Dishwasher or Can it Be Repaired?

Heating Coil Problem. Are the dishes coming out cool? For dishes to be cleaned and sanitized correctly the water they are washed in needs to be over 170 degrees F. If you take the dishes out and they are barely warm there might be a problem with the heating coil. This piece will need to be inspected to see if it can be repaired. Sometimes a full replacement is more cost-effective and should be considered.
Broken Door Latch. Is the door latching properly? Having the latch on the door of your dishwasher work properly is very important. The fact that it needs to be closed completely to start is the obvious reason. The other being that if it doesn’t latch properly it may be an indication that the machine has warped and could cause it to start leaking which can damage to the floors in your kitchen.
Dishwasher Age. How old is your dishwasher? Most dishwashers should last about 10 years if it’s maintained properly and repaired when needed. If your dishwasher is older than that it’s better to go with a new one that is more energy efficient. Without a more efficient dishwasher you’re paying more every month and getting dishes that aren’t as clean as they could be.
Dishwasher Not Draining. Is there water and debris in the dishwasher? If at the end of a cycle you open the dishwasher to find a pool of standing water or food debris on the bottom it means that it’s not draining correctly. Check the filter to see if it’s clogged with pieces of food. If it’s clear of any clogs then the drain could be cracked and/or broken and will need to be replaced.
Rusty Dishwasher. Is the bottom of the dishwasher rusted? When a worn-out dishwasher starts to leak water it will make it’s way down to the bottom. If you notice rust on the bottom of your dishwasher it needs to be replaced. You don’t need to slide it out to check either. All you need to do is sweep way under the appliance and look for flakes of rust.
Dishwasher Cracks. Is the body shell cracked? Dishwashers are designed to keep water, soap and the dished safe inside. If you notice that the inner body of your dishwasher is cracked then water is probably leaking into the mechanical bits and should be replaced.

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If you know what to look for it will be clear to you when your dishwasher will need to be repaired or replaced. Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio offers professional appliance repair services. Give us a call today!

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