Types of Stove Tops & Appliance Repair Considerations in San Antonio, TX; Gas, Electric Coil, Ceramic Radiant Smooth Top & Induction Cooktops

When you are looking to install a new cooktop in your kitchen there are actually several options available to you. The kitchen is an essential part of everyday life. Not only is every meal prepared and cooked there but many people spend their time there as well. It seems to be a meeting place to enjoy and work together. You want to ensure that your kitchen appliances are in good working condition. The refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, oven and cooktop are all appliances that need to be maintained and will likely be used daily. When you go to have an appliance replaced and installed you want to be sure that you get one that is best for you. Even if you aren’t cooking elaborate meals you still want to get a great cooktop. Color is one thing to consider but also the type of cooktop. There are three main types of cooktops that you can choose from. They are an electric, gas and induction. They each have their own pros and cons to consider when choosing the right one for you.

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio Explains the Difference Between Gas, Electric & Induction Cooktops

Gas Cooktop: If you want to go with a very standard option a gas cooktop is the way to go. This is the one that has an open flame and gives you heat immediately. There is no wait time like the electric stove. The gas cooktop is easier to control and you can make changes in temperature easier. You want to be sure that you have a gas line accessible in the kitchen before you go out and purchase one. The gas is usually a cheaper source of energy so you could save some money in the long run.
Electric Cooktops: When you are looking to replace or install a new cooktop you might want to consider an electric cooktop. They are a great option if you are concerned about the upfront cost. They are the most cost efficient option if you don’t have the funds to spend right off the bat. The problems that people have when using an electric cooktop is that the heat takes a long time to adjust. When you want to heat up the element it can take some time. If you want to lower the temp is takes time too. They come in a ceramic cooktop and coils. If you do a cooktop with coils they are easier to replace than the full ceramic piece. You should also be aware that you are adding to your overall energy bill as well.
Induction Cooktop: If you are going for a cooktop that is the newest and most modern option induction is it. The induction process will use electromagnetism to cook the food on your stove. The coils that are under the cooking area will send alternating currents to cause a magnetic field. If you don’t place a pan on the cooking area there is no heat to induce. The pan that you use must contain stainless steel, cast iron or black metal which when applied to the area will produce the heat needed to cook. The great thing is no open flame, no hot coils and no wasted energy! The problem that keeps many people away from induction is the high cost.


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